A Winter Sunday Walk on the Beach

A Winter Sunday Walk on the Beach

I think I spend more time at the beach during the winter than I do during the summer. It was mornings like today, that remind me why it’s so great to live near the water. Just being able to head over to the shore and walk is so nice.

Winter walk on the beach

Long Island’s North Shore beaches have small, low waves that roll in off of the Sound. They are covered in water-smoothed rocks mixed in with the sand. This makes them very easy to walk along.

I never really thought about it until today, but one of the best things about riding to the beach is that you don’t get sand in your shoes when you’re wearing motorcycle boots!

Trees growing in the sand on the north shore Trees growing on the sand

As I walked along, I seemed to take special notice of the trees that managed to grow on the edges of the sandy shore. Against the odds, they took root and grew.

Tree growing in the sand

Their scrappy will struck a chord with me today. I guess it was a message my mind was looking to see. Don’t quit, even when things seem improbable – you can make it happen.

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    1. Thanks, Ralph πŸ™‚

      I love that many times you can have large stretches of the beach all to yourself this time of year. Having elbow room on Long Island (as you know) is such a precious commodity.

  1. Wait, you got a whole new site? You go Fuzzy! I love the beach pics. Here is MD we’re surrounded by water, and many of the beaches seem to say \PRIVATE Property – No Trespassing.\ I wish I had easy access to a wild(ish) coast. I’ll have to poke around your site when I have more time. I left my computer at home this past weekend.

    1. Thanks, TM. Probably a smart move leaving the computer home. This thing sure can be a time eater.

      We have issues with many beach access points being specific to towns or private property and it really pisses me off. We live on an island for crying out loud and the beaches can be so guarded. I guess its how some towns keep the “riff raff” out. Luckily we have 2 very big and accessible beaches close by.

      πŸ˜† Same old content – just a different skin πŸ™‚

  2. E & I tried going to the the beach yesterday via the subway… after waiting on the platform for almost 30 minutes we gave up and hung out in DUMBO instead (Jaques Torres).

    Question – between Pano, Camera Genius, Camera Bag and Hipstamatic… I’m finding that I NEVER carry a camera anymore. If I do carry one, I never use it because the Iphone and it’s apps suit my needs. Same for you?

    1. Sorry you missed your trip to the beach. Were you going to Coney Island? I wonder what the “feel” is going to be like when they are done “revitalizing” the area.

      I always have my phone and I definitely find it so much easier to snap a few quick pics with it than messing around with the camera. Lately, like you I have been using it as my default. When it’s sunny – the pics are great. In lower light settings though, the results can be iffy.

      I usually do have another camera with me. When I’m out riding i always have another camera.

      For camera apps, I use: Hipstamatic, TiltshiftGen, Camera+, and Pano most often.

  3. Rather deep thinking there, ms Rachael! I find that the beach and the sheer power of the ocean makes me do that, as well. I miss living by the beach, I really do.
    The pics are GREAT.

    1. Thanks, Judy πŸ™‚
      The beach has a nice way of helping the stress melt away. There is something hypnotic about the sound of waves coming ashore on the rocks. Love it.

      Oregon has such a beautiful coastline. Are you far inland?

  4. Nice Pics, I to think that listening to the water rolling up on shore is the most peaceful sound. The last sentence “Don’t quit, even when things seem improbable – you can make it happen.” is awesome. To bad more people don’t think this way.

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