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Moto Photo: Welcome to New York

Moto Photo: Welcome to New York

On the Long Island north shore’s far eastern end is the town of Orient. From there you can catch a ferry to New London, Connecticut. Or – exit the ferry from New London as it were, here on the Island.

When you roll off of the Long Island bound ferry, you are greeted by a big green sign that in my case, tells me I’m home.

Welcome to New York Sign Orient

Do you have a picture of your bike in front of your home state’s “Welcome” sign?

A Winter Sunday Walk on the Beach

A Winter Sunday Walk on the Beach

I think I spend more time at the beach during the winter than I do during the summer. It was mornings like today, that remind me why it’s so great to live near the water. Just being able to head over to the shore and walk is so nice.

Winter walk on the beach

Long Island’s North Shore beaches have small, low waves that roll in off of the Sound. They are covered in water-smoothed rocks mixed in with the sand. This makes them very easy to walk along.

I never really thought about it until today, but one of the best things about riding to the beach is that you don’t get sand in your shoes when you’re wearing motorcycle boots!

Trees growing in the sand on the north shore Trees growing on the sand

As I walked along, I seemed to take special notice of the trees that managed to grow on the edges of the sandy shore. Against the odds, they took root and grew.

Tree growing in the sand

Their scrappy will struck a chord with me today. I guess it was a message my mind was looking to see. Don’t quit, even when things seem improbable – you can make it happen.

Saturday Ride: Finding a Hidden Gem – Bamboo Forest

Saturday Ride: Finding a Hidden Gem – Bamboo Forest

After spending last Saturday night doing the Crotona Midnight Run on the giant behemoth that is the GS, the DRZ felt positively toy-like. Everything on my little black Suzuki just felt so… easy. From the pull on the levers, to leaning it up off it’s side stand, to feeling it’s weight balanced underneath me at a traffic light. Just so much more, me.

Bamboo forest and my DRZ

As I was riding along through sandy lanes on the North Shore, I spotted a bamboo patch that I’d never noticed before. Bamboo isn’t exactly indigenous to Long Island, so I pulled over to snap a quick photo with my phone. When I looked at the result in Hipstamatic, I couldn’t help but feel that the random film treatment made it look like summer in the photo. Wishful thinking.

Hidden Gems

I love tripping over hidden gems in my own back yard. Have you ever found something in your local travels and said “Wow, I can’t believe I never noticed that before?”

This Hipstamatic photo used the Chunky lens from the Mac & Milk Fashion FreePak with the Blanko Noir film from the Blanko Noir Hipstapak.

Non-Moto: Hipstamatic Holiday iPhone Photos from Fuzzygalore

Non-Moto: Hipstamatic Holiday iPhone Photos from Fuzzygalore

I’m always walking around with my iPhone in my pocket. Truth be told, one of the only reasons I got the iPhone was for it’s camera apps. I couldn’t care less about actually talking on the phone. Getting me to voluntarily do that is nothing short of pulling teeth.

My favorite camera app is Hipstamatic. With it’s funky framed films, light streaking and curious coloring, the app puts a kitschy spin on your (square) pictures that I happen to love.

The Big Duck Dressed for Christmas

Here are some holiday time Hipstamatic pics from Chez Galore and our little world:

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