My Holiday Wish List – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

My Holiday Wish List – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

Rev'it Tour Winter SocksBecause motorcycles are such a passion for me, at Christmas time motorcycle related gifts are a no-brainer for my family. But, at this time in my riding life I really don’t need anything. I’ve got great pants & jackets in both leather and textile. I’ve got a full suite of heated gear. I don’t need a GPS, a helmet cam, tire plugging kit, tire pump or any earbuds. I’ve got luggage, bags and a great helmet.

I must be a pain to shop for.

I’ve been perusing the many “holiday gifts for rider’s” emails and blog posts that have been popping up everywhere. There hasn’t been anything that tickled my fancy save for 1 thing. Socks.

When we were heading to Italy earlier in the year, I asked you sexy babes for suggestions on riding socks and underwear. Of course, you came through with great suggestions. I did opt for the Ex-Officio underwear and couldn’t have been happier with them. But I never did buy any new socks.

My current SmartWool socks are great performance-wise. They are warm/cool, dry and comfortable. A trifecta of wonderfulness. BUT… (there is always a but) I would like a taller sock than the crew style I’ve been using. Something in a nice knee-high. Enter the REV’IT socks.

Why the REV’IT brand socks as opposed to any others? No reason other than I love my REV’IT ”Sand’ jacket and pants. I’m assuming that their socks would be great too.

So Santa, if you’re reading this – I’ve been really good all year. Hook a girl up, would ya?

Now it’s your turn:

  • Would you pay $40 for a pair of socks or is that just stupid?
  • Are all socks created equal?
  • Have you used these socks? Can you offer real world experience with them?
  • What’s on your holiday motorcycle wish list?

2 Replies to “My Holiday Wish List – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks”

  1. I lag behind you a bit. I asked for a helmet cam. I only have leather chaps (that apparently scream CRUISER RIDER), and would love some awesome textile pants. Or full-leather pants instead of the whole assless chaps thing. But I didn’t request them ’cause I need to lose a bit of weight first. And I still do ride a cruiser after all. Although I am REALLY hopefull there’s a certain dual-sport BMW on my horizon. I don’t have a tire plugging kit or tire pump either. I could also use some new earbuds. None of that stuff made it to my list, but they’re all great ideas.

  2. Fuzz, did you look at WebBikeWorld? I think this is pretty old judging by the picture and it isn’t much of a review; nice to see a non-promo picture of the product though.

    The left/right deal with the socks is probably pretty nice; if these are anything similar to an Under Armour pair I’m sure you’ll feel a nice snug/supportive feel at the arch and on the calves. My UA pair (winter) also come up to below the knee.

    My knees are much nicer looking than WBW’s knees. LOL

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