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Impressions: REV’IT Winter and Summer Tour Motorcycle Socks

Impressions: REV’IT Winter and Summer Tour Motorcycle Socks

REVIT SocksIn January ’11, I received 2 pairs of REV’IT motorcycle socks from Revzilla. One pair of Winter Tour and one pair of Summer Tour. Now with nearly a year invested in wearing them through all kinds of weather, I feel like I can finally give an opinion on them.

The REV’IT Winter Tour Sock

The materials and construction of the Winter Tour sock feel great on your feet and all the way up your calf. They are sold in size ranges to better suit leg and foot lengths. That helps to keep them from pulling down or getting bunchy. The elastic is never too tight and doesn’t pinch or cut off circulation. They’re wonderfully un-bulky.

I often wear these socks when I am not riding.

Are they warm like the word winter implies? Sadly, no – not really. I have yet to wear them and think “Wow, these socks really kept my feet warm!”


  • Expensive at $36 a pair.
  • Very comfortable, nice fit and feel.
  • Love the length of the sock, coming up just below the knee.
  • Not especially warm. They seem more like everyday socks as opposed to winter socks.
  • Knock $15 bucks off the price and drop the word winter and I would find them more enticing.

Would I buy another pair? Mmm… probably not, due to price point.

Would I be happy if I received a pair as a gift? Yes

The REV’IT Summer Tour Sock

My REVIT Summer Tour socksLike the Winter Tour socks, the construction and materials feel very nice. There is a comfort in having a tall sock that is snug against the calf but not tight.

The Summer Tour have become my sock drawer darlings. They are my “go to” socks, the ones I look for first when it comes time to put my boots on.

Are they cooler than other socks? I am inclined to say yes. When it’s hot and your feet are next to a hot engine – it can be difficult to determine if the socks make any difference. But… what I can tell is that they handle moisture in a different way than a cotton sock would giving an overall impression of being cooler.


  • Expensive at $36 a pair.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Love the length of the sock, coming up just below the knee.
  • Handles moisture better than cotton.

Would I buy another pair? Yes

Would I be happy if I received a pair as a gift? Yes

Wishes Do Come True – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

Wishes Do Come True – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

REVIT Motorcycle SocksYou never really know who is reading your blog, do you?

In a completely unexpected turn of events, I was contacted on Twitter by Anthony at Revzilla asking me if I’d gotten the REV’IT socks that were on my Christmas wishlist.

Of course, like any normal (read: skeptical) person I figured they were trying to sell me something. But as it turns out, that wasn’t the case. Anthony, you know – the guy in all their product videos – said he was a fan of my blog and would be happy to send me a pair.

Uh… what?! Really? I don’t know why, but I’m always shocked to find out people actually read my blog. 😆

A few days later 2 pairs of REV’IT socks showed up; 1 pair of Tour Summer and 1 pair of Tour Winter.

Revzilla did not ask for a review or a blog post or any other thing in exchange for the socks. They just… sent them and said Merry Christmas. Holy crap!

Having actually shopped their online store a few times; each being a good experience, I’m happy to tip my hat to them and to say – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You made me a very happy girl.

Now if only these 2 feet of snow outside would melt I could give my new socks a whirl!

My Holiday Wish List – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

My Holiday Wish List – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

Rev'it Tour Winter SocksBecause motorcycles are such a passion for me, at Christmas time motorcycle related gifts are a no-brainer for my family. But, at this time in my riding life I really don’t need anything. I’ve got great pants & jackets in both leather and textile. I’ve got a full suite of heated gear. I don’t need a GPS, a helmet cam, tire plugging kit, tire pump or any earbuds. I’ve got luggage, bags and a great helmet.

I must be a pain to shop for.

I’ve been perusing the many “holiday gifts for rider’s” emails and blog posts that have been popping up everywhere. There hasn’t been anything that tickled my fancy save for 1 thing. Socks.

When we were heading to Italy earlier in the year, I asked you sexy babes for suggestions on riding socks and underwear. Of course, you came through with great suggestions. I did opt for the Ex-Officio underwear and couldn’t have been happier with them. But I never did buy any new socks.

My current SmartWool socks are great performance-wise. They are warm/cool, dry and comfortable. A trifecta of wonderfulness. BUT… (there is always a but) I would like a taller sock than the crew style I’ve been using. Something in a nice knee-high. Enter the REV’IT socks.

Why the REV’IT brand socks as opposed to any others? No reason other than I love my REV’IT ”Sand’ jacket and pants. I’m assuming that their socks would be great too.

So Santa, if you’re reading this – I’ve been really good all year. Hook a girl up, would ya?

Now it’s your turn:

  • Would you pay $40 for a pair of socks or is that just stupid?
  • Are all socks created equal?
  • Have you used these socks? Can you offer real world experience with them?
  • What’s on your holiday motorcycle wish list?
Motorcycle Travel Underwear and Socks – Reader Suggestions

Motorcycle Travel Underwear and Socks – Reader Suggestions

When asked for advice on different brands and styles of wash and wear, comfortable underwear and socks that would be good for motorcycle traveling – my blog readers came through with some great ideas. Our commenters are apparently a wealth of knowledge in the underpants department.

Here is a listing of some of their suggestions:


  • LD Comfort
    I got a response from Catfish who used these during the 2009 Iron Butt Rally. He said they worked great for wash and wear and he would absolutely use them again.
  • Ex-Officio
    A few folks gave these a nod in different styles from briefs to boyshorts. Boyshort styles offer fewer irritating seams. Ex-Officio’s Give-N-Go fabric was noted as fast drying, breathable and comfortable. I have not been able to find anything in local stores, so I can’t give anything a touch-feel test. Would have to buy online.
  • Under Armour
    We got a few votes for Under Armor. The range of garment styles they offer is diverse; from long legging tights to briefs and boxers. The upside of this brand for me is that it is readily available in many places. Many outlet malls stock their goods as well – if you aren’t picky about colors you might be able to get a pretty good discount.
  • Basic padded bicycle shorts
    Available in a myriad of bicycle shops. Probably fairly easy to find and try on locally.
  • IceBreaker clothing
    Merino wool has excellent temperature management properties and is less stinky than other synthetic technical clothing fabrics.

Sports Bras

Without getting too specific, I am difficult to fit in the sports bra department. Being able to find items locally to try on is a huge plus for me.

  • Moving Comfort
    This was a brand that I was able to find locally to try on at Dicks Sporting Goods. MC offered more defined cup/band sizes than just S,M,L which was a welcomed option. Their website offers a Sports Bra Basics buying guide as well.
  • Under Armour
    I was able to try on or… attempt to try on an Under Armour Endure model. It was a pull over style – no hooks or zips. It was simply too tight to pull on. I was afraid I was going to get stuck half in and half out of it in the dressing room. Who wants to make that call for assistance? I wriggled my way back out and decided that without some sort of closure hardware, maybe UA isn’t for me. Or more specifically that style of bra, regardless of brand isn’t for me.
  • CW-X


Though I failed to mention it in my previous blog post, if I am not wearing a legging under my riding pants I prefer socks that will cover my calf at least as high as my boot goes. I like to put a layer of fabric between me and the boot. Whatever socks I ultimately choose will have to be fairly long.

Reader suggested socks brands:

A huge thank you to all the readers who offered their input!

If you have any additional brands or information – please don’t be shy. Comment below:

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