Caption Me: What is Fuzzy Thinking?

Caption Me: What is Fuzzy Thinking?

Last night my friend Dave sent me this photo he snapped while we were on the Meteor Dual Sport back in October.  He prefaced it by saying I look like I’m deeeeep in thought.

When I look at the pic, I’m pretty sure my thought bubble would contain nothing more than the sounds a failing florescent bulb makes but… how about YOU caption it? Let’s hear it!

What is Fuzzygalore Thinking? Caption Me

15 Replies to “Caption Me: What is Fuzzy Thinking?”

  1. “Yeah, those guys are all hares and I’m one big, bad tortoise. Let them ride Hell-bent through deep pits of sand like big, dumb boys. I’m a girl and will do this right, my way, the first time.”

  2. Look at them go…LOL..oh, there goes another one..uh, theres a nice big group..LOL..Im just going to s rtay ight here and watch…LOL,LOL.. How long do ya think its going to take for them to realize they are going the wrong way..30min? 45?? By that time I will be over the finish line…HAHAHA..home free…Bwaaahahahaha. Oh…Look, theres goes another one…HAHAHA……

    1. @Helmetorheels – It sure is! Being that I’m awfully clumsy on the DRZ, he’s the perfect mascot for me.

      Thanks for all of the cute captions, you guys! 😀

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