Giving Thanks for My Motorcycle Family

Giving Thanks for My Motorcycle Family

Over the years, I’ve been blessed with a great motorcycle family. We’ve learned, laughed and experienced the road together. Those kinds of experiences create a bond that runs deep. Even the people who have ridden out of my everyday life still hold a place in my heart.

I’m notoriously camera shy. Looking through my collection of photos trying to find pics of myself with everyone else made me realize how silly I’ve been. I guess I’d better start working on that. I have quite a few people I need to add to this photo list. You’ve been warned!

Near and far, past and present – I’m thankful for my motorcycle family:

Monkey & Me Pimmie and I - South Side of Stelvio Pass Italy DrDaytona, Crudmop, me & Novos in Yosemite National Park California
Me and the gang at Nada Tunnel in Kentucky Me and Duc748 at Seneca Rocks West Virginia the love of my life - Kenny & I at Mount Rushmore - 2005
Me & Delly in Amsterdam Dirt Instruction with ADV Gang The Gang at Deals Gap
The Gang on the Cherohala Skyway - 2006
Me & Bill at 3am on the Crotona Midnight Run Rog & Me working at the Bikeshow 1997 Myko, Me and Chris - Trackday at Pocono 1998 - I still think of you both often.

Hug the ones you love and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day!

15 Replies to “Giving Thanks for My Motorcycle Family”

  1. Happy holiday, Fuzzy!

    I’m thankful for all the wonderful friends I met this year, you included.

    Early on, I noticed your conspicuous absence in the photos here. I guessed you were shy. If you can shed that inhibition, we’d love to see you in the pictures. After all, it’s your blog!

    1. Thanks for the nice feedback, you guys.

      I’m thankful for you all. Your comments, experience and insight mean a lot to me. The fact that you stop in to read, to see what’s going on in my little world.. that’s priceless.

      Its funny- 99 people can say nice things and 1 person will say you’re an ugly cow; you’ll forget the 99 and focus on the 1. I’ve always felt like people wouldn’t continue to read if they saw the real me. I assume what readers imagine in their minds would be letdown by reality. I’m not so sure how quickly i’ll be breaking out of my photo shell but I’m working in it. Baby steps.

      I often have the issue of being alone on rides, as well. No one to take my picture! ::nice save, huh? 😉 ::

      Hopefully we’ll run in to each other one of these days. This island just isn’t that big~

  2. I can’t imagine why you are camera shy – you could be Prince William for all we know with that nice helmet on!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your biker famlly, N

  3. I loved your post today. The pics are great. I finally got to see Fuzzy without a helmet. 🙂

    I love that Cherohala Skyway pic. I’m only about an hour north of Seneca Rocks, depending on whether you take the back roads or not.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    1. I have to say, TM- I’m totally jealous of your location. West Virginia is just beautiful and has such great riding. Not to mention a plethora of great Mail Pouch barns. I would love to be able to just roll out of the garage and hit those winding roads… ::sigh::

      We sure did have a great Thanksgiving. Family, laughs, good food… perfect day, really.

  4. Fuzzy, I ride every day and am frequently out east (including Port Jeff). If you ever want to ride together or just grab coffee, I’d be eager to meet you — although I wouldn’t know how to recognize you. 🙂

  5. I’m still traumatized by the “man boobs” observation just after the pic with the Tuono was taken…..

    Ok, maybe not 😉

    Pleased to make the cut in a few of those, good times, every one.

  6. Thanks for putting me on the list Fuzz! I see you gave a subtle thanks shout out to the old Kaw as well. 😉 Looking through the collection of pics makes me realize how we all missed out on not getting the ESB crew together for a ride…I think 2011 will have to fix that. 🙂

    1. Yea, I definitely missed seeing everyone this year. But, I had to save my vacay time for Italy. I think that by the time next spring rolls around everyone will be good and hungry for a trip. It’ll probably be easier to get folks to commit. Plenty of places to ride, plenty of interest…

      Each and every person in those pics brought some good times into my life, for that I’m thankful 🙂

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