Winter Motorcycle Riding: An Evening at the Beach

Winter Motorcycle Riding: An Evening at the Beach

Before dinner, I stepped out for short ride to take in what was a warm March evening. While the sun still shone I cruised by Cedar Beach and watched the waves roll in against the shore. There was no one there but me and two seagulls who were sailing on a current of wind. It seemed like they never flapped their wings. They just rose and fell above the water. As I walked back along the sand I saw a snow heart. Everything just felt right in my world.

Suzuki DRZ motorcycle Cedar Beach Long Island

Beach Snow Heart - Heart and Sole Cedar Beach Fishing Dock Long Island Suzuki DRZ Motorcycle Cedar Beach Long Island

10 Replies to “Winter Motorcycle Riding: An Evening at the Beach”

  1. You should have ripped some rooster tails up and down the beach! I was going to go out Robert Moses but I suck and didn’t.

    1. I’ll do it next time. 😆

      Sometimes you just gotta do – just head out. I know it can be hard to leave the nice warm house, but it’s worth it. Supposed to be near 50 this weekend… perfect opportunity!

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