Long Island Motorcycling: Daydreaming About Getting Off The Beaten Path

Long Island Motorcycling: Daydreaming About Getting Off The Beaten Path

Greetings from the Sandbar

Long Island. It’s an island and it’s long. It is also pretty flat. We don’t have any mountains so that means we don’t have any wonderful valley roads. We don’t have any big, long rivers. That means we don’t have miles and miles of serpentine tarmac that snakes along them either. Long Island has beaches, small sandy lanes, great lighthouses and… people. Lots and lots of people. Uncluttered and wide open space can be hard to come by.

Do people in cars wander?

Motorcycling has always provided me with an escape. It has taken me to places on this island that I probably wouldn’t have known about if I spent the rest of my life only driving a car. There is something about getting around on a motorcycle that leads me to find what I consider to be hidden gems.

Suzuki DRZ 400 Long Island Fuzzygalore Motorcycle Blog

As I sit at my desk daydreaming, lately my thoughts have been peppered with visions of looking out over a ridge, watching a valley unfold below. This blue sky daydream world is mostly quiet save for the sounds of a few birds chattering in the trees. One thing my thoughts don’t have… people.

5 Replies to “Long Island Motorcycling: Daydreaming About Getting Off The Beaten Path”

    1. 😆 yea.
      My cousin (Hi Charlie!) lives down that way. I’m hoping he’ll meet up with me there this summer and hold my hand through the scary stuff 😀

  1. i don’t know why, but it reminded me of a ride that i went down years ago. it was a ride in texas. we got 5 or 10 miles down this road before we were met by a gate. wtf? we took a break when i heard something in the bushes. i checked the sound out and found a baby goat with it’s stuck on some fence. i released moments later.

    what are the chances that this goat would get released? is there a god out there somewhere?

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