DRZ 400: The Learning Continues – A Sandy Sunday on Long Island

DRZ 400: The Learning Continues – A Sandy Sunday on Long Island

On Sunday Kenny and I went for a ride. We retraced some of my steps through the wet and sandy roadways I’d been on with the kids from ADVrider. This time things were a little different, though. The unknown was now known. When my wheels left the tarmac I went in without fear.

After reflecting on the white knuckled terror that was my first foray into the dirt, I realized that it would never feel that way again. You can never go back to just holding hands.

Suzuki DRZ Dualsport Motorcycle On Sandy Long Island

Kenny on the GS Long IslandKenny was on the big bomber GS with street tires. He seemed confident riding on the packed sand and in a little water. But, some of the very wet sections just weren’t a good idea for him. He turned around to meet me on the other end of the road as I went forward into the puddles.

The last time I went through here, I had one thought: Keep moving forward! This time my approach was more of a relaxed leapfrogging to the drier spots. I tried to spot the sections of the puddles that seemed like they would be least likely to swallow me whole like they did that KTM a few weeks back.

As I came up on the big mama puddle that I had previously avoided altogether, I glanced back to see Kenny watching me. I felt some sort of comfort in knowing that if I needed a life preserver he wasn’t far behind.  So… in I went.

It didn’t look that deep but the water drained in over the top of my boots. I just kept thinking stay on the gas, keep your eyes up and keep going forward! Amazingly enough, I did just that and rode out of the puddle.

Sandy Wet Motorcycle Road - Long Island

Lesson learned:
You never really know what’s in store for you under the water until you’re in it.

I met up with Kenny again at the other end of the road. I was thoroughly proud of my muck and seaweed covered bike. He laughed and said he thought I was going to sink. It probably sounds funny, but I saw that little puddle crossing as a small victory. It was one more good experience to put in my pocket.

Someday I hope to look back at these blog entries and laugh, while saying “remember when…”

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  1. OK – let’s be clear. That was no puddle, and it didn’t “come up to your boots”. At one point I laughed in my helmet, sure you wouldn’t make it through, because the water had come halfway up the cylinder on the side of your bike. There was seaweed up under the tank! Well done, my lady 🙂

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