I Spy: New York City Blacked Out BMW R60/7

I Spy: New York City Blacked Out BMW R60/7

Some of the motorcycles parked outside of the Motorcycle Show at the Javitz Center in New York City were just as interesting to look at as the ones that were parked inside. I spied this blacked-out modified BMW R60/7 parked at the curb. So Mad Max-y!

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  1. It’s good to see old but very serviceable motorcycles with the “patinah” on them…

    Mrs Nikos has a similar “old” BMW in the shed but it is now leaking oil from the back end but seeing these photos has given me renewed enthusiasm for the restoration job!


  2. Good question! Ms. Fuzzygalore – The rear saddle has that “jockey” grab handle and a long coil spring runs underneath – maybe it is a crude form of ejector seat !!

  3. got an r60/6 in shed had since 6 months old only done around 28 k like new all original must get out on it this year

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