What Is The Silliest Reason for Riding?

What Is The Silliest Reason for Riding?

Today the weather was pretty warm for a January day in New York. It was 45 degrees and sunny when I left the house. I headed out to the town of Greenport, to take a picture of a vintage neon sign there.

It has become abundantly clear that I will go for a ride for what some people would see as a really silly “reason.” Obviously, I often go for rides for no good reason at all. But sometimes its to take a picture of a sign, a giant sombrero, a huge cauliflower, or maybe just to get a piece of pie.

The Coronet in Greenport NY
The Coronet in Greenport, NY

How about you? What’s the silliest “reason” you’ve headed out for a ride?

11 Replies to “What Is The Silliest Reason for Riding?”

  1. I once left home with a friend at 11pm. He had called me to tell me he was thirsty so we ended up getting coffee in some diner in Hartford CT. I got home frozen to the bone at 5am.

    1. Nice @Novos 🙂 …and did it?

      @BikerTed I’d say you managed to take the longest way ’round!

      @Soth He must’ve been really thirsty by the time you got there.

      All great examples, guys! Thanks 😀

  2. half of my rides were for no reason and i took the long way there. i like going down roads that i haven’t been down before. but i never ask for directions at some gas station, because i never get lost. no matter how many times i pass the same gas station….

  3. Went for waffles at 1am. Silly? Only if it is january, in the middle of the night, the snow on the streets hiding the back-stabbing ice that made me slip and collect my bike from the street twice. Was it really the waffles? Hell no, it was the girl, that made them 😉

    1. Hey Twitch 🙂 Fancy seeing you here!

      Waffles at 1am sounds like a PERFECT idea for a ride. You just need to stick with doing it when there is no ice on the ground. I hope you didn’t get hurt!

  4. My sister was meeting her daughters in Nashville for a “get together”they flew in from Ithaca ,N.Y and my sister from Bradenton,Fl. They were there having a great time I knew so I decided on the spur of the moment to hop on my Honda Shadow and head to Nashville from Sarasota,Fl. I met up with them at the “Stage” it was Fri. night and the town was jumping and then to Tootsies and so on.

    It was so good to see my nieces and of course my sister & they were really surprised to see me.We danced and generally enjoyed all the great music .I said my goodbyes and headed back to Sarasota that night or I guess it was Saturday at about 2:00AM and rode non stop to Sarasota.A long ride for an evening get together but I really did surprise them and of course any time spent in Nashville is always worth the effort.about a 1500 mi round trip.

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