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Blast From The Past: Emblem, Wyoming

My parents were vagabonds in the early 70’s, crisscrossing the States in my mom’s ’68 Firebird. I wrote of it a few years ago. This past week on the heels of my photographic trip...


Non-Moto: Baitacular

I don’t really know if Baitacular is really a quality that I would ever personally strive to achieve, but, okay. I suppose there are equally idiotic adjectives floating around out there in common-speak. Just...


If Only My Wife Were This Dirty

I snapped this pic as we slowly drove along the expressway on our way home from NYC last evening. Each day can be like a game. You never know if loving people or hating...


Subliminal Messages, Anyone?

My self-imposed hiatus must be close to coming to an end. I’m starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Now even the cars on the expressway are trying to lure...


A Curious Assortment of Words

In the world of bumper stickers, you have like 3 second to catch someone’s attention and tell them something. Something about you, about how you feel. Something you must feel pretty strongly about in...

Too Good to Let it Go 1

Too Good to Let it Go

I went out for my first ride in three weeks this past Monday. I popped out of bed, happy that it was a holiday and knowing that all of my responsibilities were suspended for...

The Dukes of Hamptons 2

The Dukes of Hamptons

I thought for sure I’d find Roscoe P. Coltrane on the other side of the sign. He must’ve been chasing after those crazy Duke boys again.