Saturday Link Love: 3 Motorcycle Blogs I Read

Saturday Link Love: 3 Motorcycle Blogs I Read Girlie Motorcycle BlogSometimes you stumble across a blog and just connect with it. Maybe you like the writer’s sense of humor, admire their spirit or appreciate their writing voice. Maybe it’s something as simple as they post terrific pictures. I tend to like the motorcycle blogs that tell a personal story, be it big or small. The motorcycle community has been good to me. I always appreciate it when someone links to, so I want to return the favor or maybe pay it forward.

Here are 3 motorcycle blogs I’d like to show a little link love:

  • Citybikerblog
    An collection of posts covering a wide range of motorcycle topics. Everything from the technical- like suspension settings to lifestyle issues.
  • DudeExMachina
    Good friend and frequent commenter on the ole Girlie Motorcycle Blog. He’s just getting his blog off the ground with a series on a recent trip around California. Be sure to stop in and say hello 🙂
  • Orson’s Travel Blog
    A lust-worthy collection of trip reports and beautiful photos. Reading Orson’s blog will make you green with envy.

5 Replies to “Saturday Link Love: 3 Motorcycle Blogs I Read”

  1. Thanks for the link o’ love….and the little added motivation to keep things on the boil. Look for the final days reports tonight. Today is too nice not to go for a quick scoot!

  2. Orson’s Goose really gets around….very nice. I’s love to ship the Cafe Sport over to the continent for a few weeks. Or the Tuono, or the Daytona.
    Oh heck, I am just ready to go, even if it’s on a Vespa.

  3. Please cease to post links to site’s like Orson’s. I need to attend to work and chores and can’t manage the loss of time when dissolving into the luscious ride photos from places I wish I was riding.

    Wow. Just wow.

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