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Summer Reading: Motorcycle Bloggers I’ve Been Enjoying

Summer Reading: Motorcycle Bloggers I’ve Been Enjoying

All summer long I have been green with envy reading so many good ride reports around the web. Here are 2 that I’ve been enjoying recently. I hope you do too:

BMWGSGirl – Oregon to Texas and Back
Throughout her trip, I found myself looking forward to seeing her daily posts pop up in my Google Reader. Motorcycles, sarcasm, beautiful scenery photos and an overactive imagination make Jess’ posts great. The way she writes makes me feel like she’s talking to me. She cracks me up 🙂

Everyday Riding- Big Trip 2011
Chris is a year round rider from Minnesota. Yes, I said YEAR ROUND and MINNESOTA. He set off on his SV650 for a trip around the Northeast for a few weeks in August. I had the good fortune to spend a few hours getting to know him over lunch while he was passing through Connecticut. Follow along on his trip as he meets fellow motorcycle bloggers and sees the sights along the way.

Happy reading!

Awesome Motorcycle and Travel Blogs I’m Reading

Awesome Motorcycle and Travel Blogs I’m Reading

Fuzzygalore - GoofballMagazine blogs serve a purpose. They are great resources for technical information or the latest industry news. But, my favorite blogs are the ones that are written by regular folks.

5 Awesome Motorcycle and Travel Blogs

Gone Scamping
Ride along with Deonne and her Scamp trailer ‘Sadie’ as she explores the highways and byways of America. Though it is not a motorcycle-specific blog, Deonne is a sassy and thoughtful wanderer. She’s my kinda girl.

Two-Wheelers Revisited
Interested in the Pacific Northwest? Take a ride with Sonja as she motors through the beautiful mountains, down shady backroads and along beautiful river banks. Lots of inspiring photos here as well as a great blog hostess.

Trailrider – Adventures & Ride Reports
This blog offers a motorcyclists view of South Africa. I see that as a place I’m not so sure I’ll ever get to see with my own eyes so I find this blog especially interesting. Warning: Photo-rich ride reports will kick your wanderlust into gear.

Riding the USA
According to his bio – George was born and educated in South Africa. His blog takes us along for the ride as he explores the United States on his Kawasaki Concourse. Be sure to go through the posts and pics in his Cross Country Ride Reports. It will make you want to get out there and see the country yourself.

Chessie’s Tales, Motorcycles and Rides
Chessie has many years and miles under her belt. Her bio says she hasn’t owned a car in 25 years! Something about that really speaks to me. Though she’s been all over the dang place, her blog is mostly filled with beautiful photos of rides taken in the Southeast. Great stuff in these pages.

What I Like in a Motorcycle Blog


I love to be able to ride along with the author while they share a view of their world with me. Adventures don’t have to be “epic”. If the writer can convey the beauty of their everyday life – I’m on board.

Photos are a must.

I have a hopeless fascination with the wanderers of the world. Bonus points if they are quirky and perhaps slightly geeky.

What I Don’t Like in a Motorcycle Blog

I really don’t like ride reports that feature photos of food. Plates of eggs, anything with a sauce or gravy… Ugh it just grosses me out. I don’t know how that became the thing to do but man, I wish it would stop.

I’m not in to personal blogs the just repeat the moto-mag news, either. “Leaked” photos of the blah blah blah?! Don’t care.

Now it’s Your Turn:

What do you look for in a motorcycle blog? Do you know of a blog that fits my “what I like” criteria? Let me know in the comments!

Awesome Blog: Rare Sportbikes For Sale

Awesome Blog: Rare Sportbikes For Sale

If you have an interest in rare or unusual sportbikes then this blog is for you.

Barber Motorsports Museum
Some Rare Beauties at the Barber Motorsports Museum

These guys scour the web looking at classified and for sale ads all over the world for unusual bikes. Gray market, limited production, hard to find classics and exotics; there are some very interesting pieces that grace their blog pages. Honda RC30, CBR 400RR, Ducati 851 –  yeah, they’ve got listings for those and then some.

I read their RSS feed each day wondering what will pop up next. Now if only I had space and money…

Saturday Link Love: 3 Motorcycle Blogs I Read

Saturday Link Love: 3 Motorcycle Blogs I Read

Fuzzygalore.com Girlie Motorcycle BlogSometimes you stumble across a blog and just connect with it. Maybe you like the writer’s sense of humor, admire their spirit or appreciate their writing voice. Maybe it’s something as simple as they post terrific pictures. I tend to like the motorcycle blogs that tell a personal story, be it big or small. The motorcycle community has been good to me. I always appreciate it when someone links to fuzzygalore.com, so I want to return the favor or maybe pay it forward.

Here are 3 motorcycle blogs I’d like to show a little link love:

  • Citybikerblog
    An collection of posts covering a wide range of motorcycle topics. Everything from the technical- like suspension settings to lifestyle issues.
  • DudeExMachina
    Good friend and frequent commenter on the ole Girlie Motorcycle Blog. He’s just getting his blog off the ground with a series on a recent trip around California. Be sure to stop in and say hello 🙂
  • Orson’s Travel Blog
    A lust-worthy collection of trip reports and beautiful photos. Reading Orson’s blog will make you green with envy.
Moto Photo Blog-O-Rama Meme: Friends

Moto Photo Blog-O-Rama Meme: Friends

The gang outside of the Nada Tunnel in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky
In the spring of 2009 our gang of friends who mostly participate on the esportbike.com motorcycle forum all converged on Morehead, Kentucky to do some riding in the Daniel Boone National Forest. One of our day rides brought us through the Nada Tunnel. This trip was especially exciting for us because our friend Pimmie who lives in Holland flew over to stay and ride with us. Side note: Apparently all of my friends are really tall.

I saw this photo theme on: steadyonthehumble.com

Do you wanna play Motorcycle Photo Blog-O-Rama?

  • Post one of your motorcycle-related photos that suit this photo meme on your own blog.
  • Caption or describe your photo. Tell us where and when it was taken. Maybe include an interesting note about it.
  • Encourage others to post their photos!
What is a Meme?
First things first. Meme, it sounds like team.
Here on the web, a meme is a popular or contagious idea or theme. You know, like LOLCats, a bunny with a pancake on it’s head or sad Keanu.

Make sure you leave a comment below so we can take a peek at your handy work!

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