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California Love: Sequoia National Park

As we climbed up into the mountains of Sequoia National Park, the temperature dropped sharply. We rode from Porterville and it’s scorched earth up into the park where the roads were wet and the...


Following My Heart Back Home

I stood in the gas station near Windham, NY, sweating. My shadow stretched out on the ground in front of me, surrounded by an orangey glow. This was it. Decision time. In an instinctive...


Free Maps and Travel Guides – New for 2020

Looking for free paper maps by mail? This is the guide for you. Though most people these days have a GPS, a paper map does come in handy. Mishaps take place, things get broken,...


Motorcycle Luggage: Oxford Handysack Helmet Backpack

Five or six years ago, my dear friend from Wales brought Kenny and I each a nifty little motorcycle luggage bag. It’s called the Oxford Handysack. It looks like a pretty standard foldaway nylon...


Collecting Road Trip Travel Mementos

Rick from keeptherubbersidedown.net posted a blog about having stickers on his motorcycle start a conversation at a stoplight. His blog inspired me to talk about my own sticker collection. That sounds so third grade,...


Road Trips: What type of lodging do you seek out?

When it comes to traveling for several days on a motorcycle road trip, barring any unforeseen mishaps or frivolous souvenir purchases your lodging costs will most likely make up the bulk of your expenses. What type of lodging do you seek out when on the road?