Visiting Iceland: Our Arrival at Keflavik and on to Reykjavik

Visiting Iceland: Our Arrival at Keflavik and on to Reykjavik

When I let the cat out of the bag that our little family would be spending our spring break vacation by taking a trip to Iceland, I was more than once met with one word. Why?

I found it more than a little odd that such a fascinating and unique environment would garner such simple, closed reaction. Now that I’ve gone and returned my hunch that the only people that ask why, know what amounts to zero about Iceland was correct. Not that I am any sort of expert or even what would be considered knowledgeable about the subject but all along I’ve thought the correct question should have really been Why Not?

What I knew of Iceland before I left was that it was a naturally rugged and raw, beautiful place. For about a year now it has been dancing on my subconscious as place I must visit soon. Life has a funny habit of passing you by in a blink so when opportunity knocked on my email box this past March I thought it best to take the leap. And with that, off we went in to the red sunrise…

Keflavik Airport

On our drive from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik the landscape rolled out in very lunar-like crumbly chunks of rock that wore moss sweaters covered in a dusting of powdered sugar. On one side sat the ocean while the other perimeter was surrounded by mountains.

The combination of the natural excitement you feel when you find yourself in a new and faraway place coupled with the unique view everything presented under the orange glow of the morning sun awakened a boiling excitement that this was going to be a great trip. Off we went to Reykjavik…

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