Iceland: Super-Jeep, Black Sand, Waterfalls and Glaciers

Iceland: Super-Jeep, Black Sand, Waterfalls and Glaciers

On Easter Sunday we set off with our most excellent guide Haukur (Hawk) from Nature Explorer in his Nissan Patrol which they refer to as a super jeep.

One of our first stops that morning was to Seljalandsfoss where we hiked up behind the falls.

The tongue of the Sólheimajökull glacier where we were able to walk up and take a peek around.

Later in the morning we headed up in to the mountains and drove on top of a glacier where Haukur took us to you know, just hang out. And eat lunch. On the glacier. It was very cool 🙂

Top o’ the world, Ma!

The ride down from the glacier had us in fits of excited laughter as Hawk cranked up the music, hit the gas and bounced and expertly wheeled us down the snow. He was so awesome. He had a very quiet, smart and survivorman kind of vibe. You just knew that you were in capable hands and it allowed us to just relax and enjoy the spectular sights that unfolded.

The black sand beach near Myrdalsjokull glacier, a rainbow and the wreckage of an old Navy plane. Throw in the whale skeleton we’d just seen and it prompted our guide Hawk to mention that when he visits the beach here it often reminds him of being in a living Salvador Dali painting.


We had the beach and Skogarfoss and it’s beautiful rainbow all to ourselves.

I loved this day.

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