Visiting Iceland: Assorted Photographs from Reykjavik

Visiting Iceland: Assorted Photographs from Reykjavik

Okay, let’s get these out of the way:

  1. No, it wasn’t that cold. It was about 40 degrees.
  2. No, everything wasn’t super cheap because of economic collapse. Food and transportation were still major expenses.
  3. They speak Icelandic and yes, most people speak English.
  4. Everyone is very friendly.
  5. No we didn’t see Bjork.

Reykjavik felt more like a suburb, like a far less dense and congested Queens, moreso than a major city. At times we found ourselves walking alone on streets that were lined with single family dwellings. Even within the town center there were moments when we were alone. Though it was the Easter holiday time, think about how often that happens in Times Square. Mmm… never? With less than 400,000 residents you’ve got a lot of elbow room in Iceland. I loved that part.

The ambulatory of Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavik’s tallest building and most visible city landmark looks quite, hmm, boob-like? to me. Unfortunately the church’s tower has been under restoration since October 2008, so we only have scaffolding shots of the front. When we entered we were in time to hear a chorus rehearsing in the cathedral’s empy halls. With only 4 other people in the church, it was almost like they were singing just for us.

The city unfolds into view from the top of the tower observation room:

The “FussMops”t. Kenny needs to work on his backwards writing.

When you’re walking around the pavered streets you have an awareness of the mountains and the water from seemingly everywhere.

City Center (Centrum) where all of the motorcyclists congregated.

Reykjavik Cetrum Hotel where we stayed.

Hotdogs are really popular in town. They’re called pylsur. This stand always had a line.

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