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  1. Hi,

    Great summary and pics of Iceland!! I have always wanted to go there too (partly b/c I am a quater Icelandic & part b/c of the beauty if it) Can I ask a few questions? I am planning a trip w/ my sister to Iceland and would love to go in the next 6-9 months and was wondering what the best time to go is? it looks like you went in April, do you recommend going at this time? Also can you recommend places to stay, eat, tours, etc. ? Good airline to fly there? Anything you can share would be great and much appreciated! Thank you 🙂


    1. Hi Chantelle-

      Thanks for stopping in 🙂

      Iceland is incredibly beautiful. As you noted, we did go in April. I think ideally, you might want to go a little more towards summer. It was not freezing, but it was cool (say 30-40F) I think that summer temps are near 60-65F. The upside for us going then was a cheap deal we picked up thru expedia.com. We only had 1 airline option from NY: Icelandair.

      I don’t recall what our room rate was now. I *think* it was no more than $150/night. We stayed at TOP CityLine Hotel Centrum which was right on the main square and a 5 minute walk to the main shopping drag. It was clean and modern. Reykjavik is easy to get around on foot. It is a “small” city.

      Food is expensive. We mostly ate in cafes and pub style places. We didn’t do any fine dining so I’m afraid I am not much help there.

      If you haven’t already – sign up for an iceland enewsletter, they advertise travel deals often: http://www.icelandtouristboard.com

      The golden circle and the Blue Lagoon are probably the biggest draws in terms of attraction around Reykjavik. The Blue Lagoon is decadently wonderful. I’m not the spa type and i LOVED it.

      The Golden circle tours (gulfoss, geysir, thingvellir) are easy to obtain tickets for on coaches. Any hotel desk clerk can help you with that. That is the cheapest way to go. If you can…do it via superjeep tour. It is more pricey but the personal experience is AMAZING. We did a southern iceland tour via superjeep through http://www.natureexplorer.is It was spectacular. I STRONGLY recommend it.

      Depending on the time of year you go – try a northern lights excursion or snowmobiling on a glacier. So much natural beauty to see there you can’t run out of things to do! Glaciers, waterfalls, beaches. Just gorgeous.

      I hope you decide to go and see it for yourself. Enjoy!

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