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How Do You Say “Way Back Machine” In Italian?

How Do You Say “Way Back Machine” In Italian?

When I first started hanging around with the cute blonde guy who lives here and does all the heavy lifting around the house, we were both in relationships with sexy Italian birds. He went for the blonde and I was really in to the redhead.

aprilia ducati big duck

I spotted this pic as I scrolled through iPhoto tonight. Aprilia, Ducati, Big Duck, Backhoe. Perfectly normal, right?

Did you spot…the PAY PHONE?! A real, live pay phone. Well, not live live, but you know what I mean. Who knew they were still around in 2003?




5 Ugly Motorcycles I Would Not Want to Ride

5 Ugly Motorcycles I Would Not Want to Ride

We’ve all heard the adage – it’s not what you ride, it’s that you ride. These 5 bikes are exceptions to that rule. Beauty is skin deep but ugly is to the bone!

The Ducati Indiana

Clearly someone must’ve forgotten their medication when they agreed to slap the Ducati badge on this beast. Crap handling and hideous looks. We’ve got a winner! …for bike I’d never want to ride.

Ducati Indiana

Photo Credit: MotorcycleClassics.com

Dan Gurney Alligator

What. The. HELL? Recumbent must be Latin for “looks retarded.”
Dan Gurney Alligator

Gurney Alligator Barber Motorsports Museum

Morbidelli V8

Oh, hell no!

Morbidelli V8

I think I’ve seen that ugly mug somewhere before. Am I right?

Star Wars Sand People

Aprilia Moto 6.5

Any motorcycle that makes me think of clowns is inherently frightening. Stick to designing kettles, Starck. The motorcycle game isn’t for you.

Wikipedia – Philippe Starck

Aprilia Moto 6.5 Designed by Starck

Honda Rune

Seriously? Rune? Roo-in? Ruin? How fitting.

This bike looks so long that I bet you could be where you’re leaving from and be where you’re going at the same time.
Honda Rune

Your Thoughts?

Window Shopping: Bimota, Aprilia, Derbi – Oh My!

Window Shopping: Bimota, Aprilia, Derbi – Oh My!

While out and about today we passed by a now defunct motorcycle showroom. We peeked in the windows and found a few interesting specimens. The owner is well known locally for hoarding collections of interesting bikes that are never priced to move. Sorry for the glare on photos, it was quite sunny and we had to shoot through the window.

1997 Aprilia RS250
1997 Aprilia RS250
Derbi GPR 50 Motorcycle Bimota Dieci Motorcycle Derbi GPR 50 Motorcycle
Kawasaki Police 1000 - Royal Enfield Derbi GPR 50 Motorcycle Indian & Ducati 750 Paso
Bimota SB6 Suzuki X-6 Hustler

I Spy:

  • Suzuki X-6 Hustler
  • Bimota Dieci
  • Bimota SB6
  • A pair of Derbi GPR 50s
  • Kawasaki Police 1000
  • Vintage Royal Enfield (model unknown)
  • Vintage Indian (model unknown)
  • Ducati Paso 750
On the Road: California to Montana on an Aprilia RSV

On the Road: California to Montana on an Aprilia RSV

Back in July, Novos took the time to share his plans for a week long trip from Southern California to Montana on his Aprilia RSV. Now that the trip is in the books, he is sharing his ride as a series of posts as a guest blogger on my partner site Watermelon18.com. The photos are just awesome!

Day 1 is up and ready to roll:

Novos RSV outside of Bodie, California
Novos' RSV outside of Bodie, California

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