Greetings From… The Shawangunk Mountains

Greetings From… The Shawangunk Mountains

I popped out of bed on Saturday to a sunny, 60 degree morning. Well, I shouldn’t say popped. It was something more akin to a zombie-like drag over the edge of the bed. For some reason I was feeling exceptionally sleepy. But… Time waits for no man and all that. Free, usable (read: rideable) hours are hard to come by and I can either sit around moaning about being tired or I can muscle my way off this sandbar and bask in the natural beauty of things like the Gunks. Shawangunk Mountains

On my way back home, I stopped at one of the overlooks on 44/55 near Minnewaska State Park to grab a quick pic of the valley. A lovely, older gentleman stopped to tell me about his 919. I find it sad when strangers tell me that they feel too old to ride anymore or travel far or whatever. Being or I should say, feeling old sucks!

I stitched some pics together to create a panorama. Click to englarge


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