Oreo Cookies

Last night was one of the coolest temperature nights in what seemed to be 1 meeeellion years. Kenny and I took a nice leisurely jaunt along the north shore out to Funchos.

I always try to have my camera with me, because, well, life is beautiful. Of course it isn’t exactly helpful when you whip out the old camera and it has a stone dead battery.

For whatever reason, I find old bulb lighted signs really appealing. Also the tube light signs from like, the late 50s and 60s. You see them on old pharmacies and stuff in small towns that still hang on to the natural quaintness.

I love this Rocky Point Tire sign. I’ve seen it 186 times and each time i’m all like ‘Hey, you should snap a pic of that sign.’ So of course, I’m in the right place at the right time.. with a dead camera battery. Photo courtesy of Kenny’s Super-Collosus-Braniac-NonBlackberry-Smartypants-Photo-Camera-Computer that fits in your pocket phone-thing.

How great is the lettering on the Rocky Point part?
And those tires.. C’mon.
I feel like eating Oreos now.


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