Waving Goodbye to my Youth

Waving Goodbye to my Youth

I spent the entire day alone on the bike today. That’s like.. monumental. It has been ages since i’ve had the entire day to myself to ride, without any time constraints, worry or company. Just me, the triple and 400 miles of where ever the road decided to take us. It was stupendous.

I did a bit of exploring, which is always good. Just rollin’ along aimlessly.

As the day went on, i began to feel a bit lonely, though. As i stopped in different places, snapping shots of the bike, it dawned on me that as i’ve gotten older and less and less attractive with age, the bike has become my stand in. Now that my youth has slipped by so stealthily, she is all thats left worth looking at. Its a sad realization that as a woman, so much value is placed upon your looks. When they go… man… well, you know.

Wind-burned and ugly, i had a beautiful day nonetheless.

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  1. You know… I’ve seen you on 4 separate occasions. Three times while riding through Eastern NY, and you either passed us, or vice versa. I saw you at the NY Motorcycle Show this year too. You looked busy so I didnt interrupt and say “Hey, you dont know me, but I’ve been reading your shit for years”.

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