Once I managed to secure my license plate enough so that it didn’t go winging off and scalp someone on the side of the road, I continued west from Hackettstown on Route 46. I’ve only traveled that far western section of 46 a few times. Riding along in the morning sun, along the river, It was much nicer than I remembered.

A few years ago at Hot Dog Johnny’s

The last time I was in that area was maybe 3 or 4 years ago with Kenny. I wanted to see Shades of Death Road and go to Hot Dog Johnny’s in Buttzville. Yes, that’s really the town name. And even though I’m in my 40’s, it still make me snicker. every. damn. time.

Go ahead and say it out loud. Buttzville. See?! If we were sitting at my kitchen table having coffee together now, I’d probably tell you that YOU live in Buttzville and we’d laaaaugh and laaaaaaaaaugh… ::sigh:: Ahhh, good times.

Giggling aside, I couldn’t resist stopping for the Hot Dog Johnny’s sign when it came in to view. It just has the sparkle of throwback Americana that I love so much.