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Memory Lane: Reminiscing about visiting Devil’s Tower

I love looking through old photos. It really does bring you back to those moments in time when they were taken. Why else would you snap them, right? I was waxing nostalgic over our Wyoming trip… again, thinking about what it was like to catch a glimpse of Devil’s Tower for the first time.

The way that I remember it now is that it was kind of surreal. It rose up out of the earth like a luminescent, gray mushroom with nothing else around it that it was akin to. It is it’s own special knob. I remember riding along in the cool morning air with a sense of almost disbelief going.. is that it? as I caught my first glimpse of it out on the horizon. And really, what else could it have been?

Devil’s Tower – Google Maps

Devils Tower National Monument

You can catch a faint glimpse of it on the left horizon

Devils Tower National Monument
Me, perfecting the fine art of being a dork.

Devils Tower National Monument
Devils Tower National Monument

A peek at my extree fancy gps



has the Girly Pen System ever led you astray?


So far, so good!

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