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Blast From The Past: Emblem, Wyoming

Blast From The Past: Emblem, Wyoming

My parents were vagabonds in the early 70’s, crisscrossing the States in my mom’s ’68 Firebird. I wrote of it a few years ago.

This past week on the heels of my photographic trip down memory lane, I asked my mother for a copy of a photo that was burned into my mind as a child. It was a picture of my dad standing near the Emblem, Wyoming sign.

This photo was taken in 1971:

Emblem Wyoming 1971

Here is the photo I took while on our bike trip to Yellowstone, 34 years later:

Emblem Wyoming Sign 2005

In over 3 decades the town never grew in population. I find that fact pretty amazing.

How about You?

What is the “smallest town” you’ve ever been to?

Postcard: Greetings from Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Postcard: Greetings from Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

Kawasaki ZX6R Triumph Speed Triple Chief Joseph Highway Wyoming

May 2005

Hi Everyone-

We spent the night at the Cody Motor Lodge in Cody, Wyoming where we saw on the news that the Beartooth Pass from Red Lodge, Montana had been closed because of mudslides. Unfortunately that was the way we were going to head in to Yellowstone. We took an alternate route going up and over the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. That’s where we snapped this picture.

While we were stopped, a lady pulled over and told us that the road ahead was covered in snow and ice. We decided that we could turn around if we needed to and kept going forward. I’m glad we did. It was only a snowy winter wonderland for a few miles. We emerged on the back side of the pass unscathed and pretty excited about what we’d just seen.

This was a day I’ll never forget.

This photo was taken in May of 2005 when Kenny and I rode from Long Island to Yellowstone National Park. It still stands as one of the most memorable trips of my life.

Do you have motorcycle trip “postcards” to share? Leave a link in the comments!

Memory Lane: Reminiscing about visiting Devil’s Tower

Memory Lane: Reminiscing about visiting Devil’s Tower

I love looking through old photos. It really does bring you back to those moments in time when they were taken. Why else would you snap them, right? I was waxing nostalgic over our Wyoming trip… again, thinking about what it was like to catch a glimpse of Devil’s Tower for the first time.

The way that I remember it now is that it was kind of surreal. It rose up out of the earth like a luminescent, gray mushroom with nothing else around it that it was akin to. It is it’s own special knob. I remember riding along in the cool morning air with a sense of almost disbelief going.. is that it? as I caught my first glimpse of it out on the horizon. And really, what else could it have been?

Devil’s Tower – Google Maps

Devils Tower National Monument
You can catch a faint glimpse of it on the left horizon

Devils Tower National Monument
Me, perfecting the fine art of being a dork.

Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower National Monument
A peek at my extree fancy gps

Memory Lane: 2005 The Bighorn Scenic Byway

Memory Lane: 2005 The Bighorn Scenic Byway

Today, I spent some time organizing some of the thousands of digital photos that I’ve amassed over the last decade. I love this excercise and find it especially sweet when you can be pulled back to a moment in time. Feeling the air, remembering the chill, the smells, the sense of adventure.

I remembered all of those things when I came across some of these pictures from 2005. We started our day in Belle Fourche, SD and headed along to Devils Tower where I got to see my first buffalo somewhere other than in a zoo. Continuing on we passed through Sheridan, up through the Bighorn Scenic Byway, down through Shell Falls Canyon, stopping in Greybull for lunch and holing up in Cody for the night.

Just outside of Dayton, Wy

Shell Falls

…life is beautiful.

MEMORY LANE: On our Way to the Chief Joseph Highway in Wyoming

MEMORY LANE: On our Way to the Chief Joseph Highway in Wyoming

Call me a sentimental fool. I was poking around looking for something on my computer earlier and I got off on a tangent browsing through photo folders. You know how that is right? I came across a folder of pictures from Wyoming, most of which I never posted. There are a bajillion in there. Now that i’m getting nostalic, maybe i’ll get around to it.

Fuzzygalore and Crudmop on the way to the Chief Joseph Highway outside of Cody Wyoming

I found this one from outside of Cody, Wyoming as we were heading towards the Chief Joseph Highway. The night before we saw on the news that the Beartooth Pass was closed due to mudslides, so we were taking the Cheif Joseph to Yellowstone instead. It proved to be an incredibly memorable ride through snow and ice. One i will never forget. 

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