Collecting Road Trip Travel Mementos

Collecting Road Trip Travel Mementos

Souvenir Travel StickersRick from posted a blog about having stickers on his motorcycle start a conversation at a stoplight. His blog inspired me to talk about my own sticker collection. That sounds so third grade, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to trade me your puffy unicorn for my ‘bears sliding down a rainbow’ sticker. 😀

Other than a single pink Deals Gap dragon sticker on the seat cowl of my Speed Triple, I don’t have stickers on my motorcycle. Instead I have started to put them on the interior door of my garage.  There is plenty of space to use and it offers a little more permanence. Every time I walk in and out of the garage, I get a nice visual reminder of some of the places that we’ve been. Of course, I only wish that I’d stuck so many past mementos here.

When traveling, I also make it a point buy postcards. They offer the most “perfect” photos of places. Keep a few stamps in your wallet while on the road and send yourself a postcard with notes from the trip. Looking through your card stack on a dreary winter day will bring a smile to your face.

Happy Traveling!

Triumph Speed Triple with Deals Gap Dragon Sticker
Deals Gap Dragon sticker on my very dirty Triumph Speed Triple
Do you collect anything from your travels? Spoons, tshirts, shot glasses? Tell us about it!

10 Replies to “Collecting Road Trip Travel Mementos”

  1. I like collecting old-fashioned travel decals from Impko and Baxter-Lane, but they’re hard to come by. I’ve got some on my car and a lot of people like them… reminds them of trips they took when they were kids.

    1. Hiya, Gunnar-
      I believe my parents may still have some of those from their cross country trips back in the late 60s. Next time I visit them i’ll poke through their scrapbooks to confirm 🙂

  2. I like the new look for the site. It loads faster and is easier to read. Veryfine.

    I used to collect all sorts of things from trips. Since 2000 I’ve picked up a small watercolor or two. They can be had for the price of a good meal and they’re more portable than a garage door. I write on the backs like you do postcards. It supports local artists and I can enjoy the paintings every time I stand in a room and say, “Okay, I know I came in here for something ….”

    1. Thank you, Robert. Glad the changes have made it easier on everyone. (Myself included!) Hope it keeps you coming ’round. 🙂

      “Okay, I know I came in here for something ….”

      Good to know i’m not the only one that does this 😀

  3. We only have a few stickers on the Guzzi’s flyscreen, one of which causes great confusion when travelling through Europe. Many of the stickers are of flags from countries that we have visited.
    When travelling Guzzisue likes to take a notebook and this becomes our holiday journal. In this she may put postcards or information leaflets about the places we have visited.

  4. My husband and I try to sneak out on his “few” weekends off. Just local travels within our KY homestate. We always try to find the next lil
    Ma&Pa eatery. We never eat out at the big food chains. So I guess we take home extra pounds. lol.

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