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Oh Deer – Dirt Roads and Deposit

Oh Deer – Dirt Roads and Deposit

After visiting the Starrucca Viaduct I bummed around the backroads, not straying very far. I had to watch my odometer. In an act of luminescent brilliance I left my wallet back in the RV. Since I had a $5 bill in my tankbag, I knew I could ride as far as requiring no more than $5 in gas to get back to Hancock. Thankfully, there was a lot of great “nothing” to see in a small radius.

While I was clipping along I had a close encounter with a deer. It was so close I could see the fuzz on its antlers. I suppose I just didn’t pick up on it fast enough. By the time my brain registered that it was there, the deer took a few strides next to me then darted across the road in front of me and was gone.

The GoPro caught it on the side of the road (upper left) though I didn’t until I was nearly next to it. One glance away from forward, maybe into the mirror and your whole day can change. Gotta keep those eyes scanning.

“Hello. I can’t see deer.”

Passing through the town of Deposit, New York I couldn’t help but wonder how it is such places manage to hang on economically. But I also know that their way of life is a secret to the visitor who is just passing through. They find a way to make it work.

Something about the nostalgic patina of such places tugs at my heart. All of the shop fronts, alleyways, little town parks are like pieces of a puzzle.

The vitrolite tiled State Theater in Deposit, New York was built in 1937 and is still showing current features. In hindsight, I’m sorry that I didn’t cruise through town in the evening when the marquee was lit.

The sign welcoming me back to The Empire State featured a special and very important bit of advice:

Words to live by.

Ghost Ad: Fletcher’s Castoria – Hancock, NY

Ghost Ad: Fletcher’s Castoria – Hancock, NY

This ghost ad can be seen on Wheeler Street in Hancock, NY.

Another ride, another roadside thing, another rabbit hole to fall down and research. Other than being able to confidently make out “Fletcher’s” I wasn’t quite sure what the ad was for. When an ad isn’t for something i’ve seen previously, often I have to go home and darken up a photo to look for clues. For example, the ad for Greenback Tobacco from Lincoln, Illinois was unreadable to me without altering the picture.

After some tweaking, I realized this ad says:

Children Cry for Cha. H. Fletcher’s Castoria

Apparently Fletcher’s Castoria was a well-advertised children’s laxative at the turn of the 20th century.

Bathroom Reading on Fletcher’s Castoria:


Heading to Hancock – Packing Up and Rolling Out

Heading to Hancock – Packing Up and Rolling Out

For the last few years, Kenny has been going to the annual Hancock Quarry Run in Hancock, New York. Though it is listed as a dual sport, it is widely regarding as one of the most challenging, rocky ass-kickings in our local riding universe. As such, it’s not my cup o’ tea. I don’t have the skills required to not break my neck riding something like that. Hard work isn’t my idea of fun.

Though I wasn’t going to be riding the event, I decided to hitch a ride on the funwagon and spend 3 days riding around the area on dirt roads instead. A win-win. Kenny could ride his jackhammer ride and I could float around looking at clouds.

After loading up the Harvey at 0’dark-thirty we set off to knock out the 200 miles on the slab.

As we crossed the Throgs Neck Bridge, the sun was coming up.

Every time I ride across the Cross Bronx Expressway and see this mural I think, I wish I could grab a photo of that. Sitting in the passenger seat of a car actually has it’s perks. A little blurry, but it’ll do.

As we climbed the hills of Route 17 around the Monticello area, a silver fog settled in. The wheels of the RV hummed along paying it no mind.

Lilo wasn’t quite as enamored with all of the things that were passing in front of the great big windshield as I was. She kept asking if we were there yet with her eyes.

Because we left so early, we made it to the event field before 9am. We parked, set up and squared off with our friends. That left me with a whole day to get out and do a little exploring while Kenny made sure that his camp chair didn’t float away.

Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

While I was wandering through Pennsylvania in July, I was able to stop and visit some Whispering Giants for the Grand Tour. Though bummed to find the Giant in Williamsport, Pa. had been removed I did strike gold in Akron, Oh., Dunkirk, Ny., and Sharon, Pa.

Sharon, Pa.:

whispering giant - sharon, pa

Unfortunately, the Sharon giant has a significant amount of rot. There has already been extensive repair work to keep him standing.

whispering giant - sharon pa

The whole underside of his nostrils is rotted out and you can see a gap in the tooth area as well. Hang in there, buddy. 🙁

Dunkirk, Ny:

whispering giant - dunkirk, ny

Rotaynah – Akron, Oh:

whispering giant - Rotaynah - Akron, Ohio

Of this Giants that I’ve seen so far, Rotaynah has made the biggest impression on me. He’s been my favorite.

whispering giant rotaynah akron ohio

He’s huge and has a very striking appearance. There has been some repair work on him, so I hope that helps his longevity.

Wouldn’t you know it? Hammy’s Titan Quest Rally in August used Whispering Giants as bonus locations. During the rally I visited 3 more Giants: Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

Chief Little Owl – Bethany Beach, De:

whispering giant - chief little owl - bethany beach, md

Nanticoke – Ocean City, Md:

Whispering Giant - Nanticoke - Ocean City, Maryland

Virginia Beach, Va:

whispering giant - virginia beach va

Some of the Giants that I’ve previously posted about:

Enisketomp in Plymouth, Ma:

This was by far the tallest of the Giants that I’ve visited. I loved his long braids. Read more about my Enisketomp visit.

whispering giant plymouth ma

Enishkeetompauog in Narragansett, Rhode Island:

whispering giant ENISHKEETOMPAUOG Narragansett rhode island

Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, Ma:

My very first stop on the Grand Tour.

whispering giant - Omiskanoagwiak - Springfield, Massachusetts

This brings up my total Whispering Giants visited for the Grand Tour to 9. That’s already better than I thought I would do. I’ve got 2 more that I would like to see (Vermont and New Hampshire) before the Grand Tour ends. I hope I can make it!

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Nothing But Rain for Color in the Catskills

Nothing But Rain for Color in the Catskills

Before we even left Long Island on Friday afternoon, we knew it was going to be rainy on Saturday. The weather forecast called for a 90% chance. The meteorologist was all in. But thankfully, based on the radar it seemed like we’d have clear sunny skies bookending the weekend.

So? We’d have a rainy day ride on Saturday. A little rain never hurt anyone. Or maybe it has and we’ve just been fooling ourselves all this time.

Pit stop at Kaaterskill Falls.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

Rain, rain, go away.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

It was hard to believe what a slow trickle the falls was this year.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

This is what it has looked like in years past:

fuzzygalore kaaterskill falls

We’re not scared of a little drizzle!

fuzzygalore kaaterskill falls

The view from the top of the falls.

Or, more accurately, a view of me at the top of the not-so-fallsy-falls.

fuzzygalore at kaaterskill falls

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate we still had a great time.

A lesson I need to learn over and over and over again: Sometimes you’ve just go to get on with things. If you’re going to sit around waiting for ideal conditions, you’re going to end up disappointed. A lot. Grab your life by the collar, shake it up real good-like and shout, “I will have fun, damn it!”

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