Twin Arch Road Washingtonville, New York

Twin Arch Road Washingtonville, New York

I am finding more and more that riding my motorcycle is an education in history and in life. I snapped the following photograph along Twin Arch Rd in Washingtonville, New York. The railroad bridge spans part of Otter Kill and the roadway with a twin arch (go figure!). While poking around on the internet for information on the small waterway, I discovered that Otter Kill is a tributary of Moodna Creek which draws its water from the Hudson River.

Twin Arch Road Washingtonville Orange County New York spanning Otter Kill

Like these spidering waterways, the information on the web too leads you in many directions. In the natural flow of my searching, I found that spanning the Moodna Creek is the Moodna Viaduct railroad trestle. In my years of turning wheels around Orange County, I don’t recall ever seeing it. Thanks to making the right on Twin Arch Rd., it is now firmly planted on my to-see list.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. -Lao Tzu

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  1. Would you believe me if I told you that I knew exactly where that Twin Arch bridge/tunnel is? I’ve ridden through it a bunch of times!

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