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10 Un-Scientific Findings Regarding Loud Motorcycle Pipes

10 Un-Scientific Findings Regarding Loud Motorcycle Pipes

Earlier this week I asked you, the super sexy people that you are, if you thought loud pipes saved lives or if they were well, just loud. During this highly unscientific process we uncovered some interesting findings.

It came as no surprise that several commenters felt that anything that increased your visibility amongst the traffic would be helpful. That makes sense. Every year there must be thousands of motorcycle/car accidents where the driver just “didn’t see” the bike. But, being the most awesomest bunch of readers on the innernets you of course taught me several other things I hadn’t considered.

10 ‘Facts’ About Loud Pipes as Told by the Readers of Fuzzygalore.com

  • Anything that helps you to be “seen” as a rider, just might save your life.
  • Loud pipes are annoying.
  • Instead of sinking money into your cans, maybe you should learn to ride more defensively. You hear that, Pamela Anderson?
  • Monkeys from space are no match for a distracted driver.
  • Loud pipes can be helpful in identifying asswipes.
  • When you’re just one of thousands of noisy vehicles on the road- people may be too distracted by their radios, phones & electronics to pick up on your noise.
  • Loud jackets save lives. Can I get an Amen on the Hi-Viz jacket?
  • Loud paint saves lives.
  • Moving defensively and more speedily than the traffic around you might be more help than a noisemaker.
  • Magnum PI wears loud Hawaiian shirts and he might save your life.


You can debate 9 out of 10 of these facts until you’re blue in the face. But, based on the above the evidence I think we can all agree on one thing. As long as you are riding with Tom Selleck, you should be ok. Magnum PI Saves Lives. You heard it here first.

Loud Pipes Save Lives: Motorcycle Myth or Words to Live By?

Loud Pipes Save Lives: Motorcycle Myth or Words to Live By?

We’ve all heard the phrase time and time again. Loud Pipes Save Lives

Strangely enough it’s only the people who have loud pipes who seem to decree this. Coincidence?

The clever boys and girls who make up the dry-clutch sportbike set have their own cutsey version of the saying: Loud Clutches Save Lives. Loud mouths don’t save lives very often. Nor do loud patterned Hawaiian shirts. Rarely do you find a loud mouth in a Hawaiian shirt saving anyone.

Ducati 996 and Long Island's Big Duck
My too loud Ducati 996

What do you think? Loud Pipes: Do they save lives or do they just annoy the crap out of your neighbors?