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The Ural Get’s Dressed for Christmas …and Other Nonsense

The Ural Get’s Dressed for Christmas …and Other Nonsense

The Ural is mostly dressed for the winter. It’s donning its silver wreath on the rack and all is right in the world.

the ural christmas wreath

As it turns out, I had to do a little repair work on the string of wreath lights, though. Check me out being all handy and what-not! 😉

Why are Christmas lights so crappy?

broken xmas lights

On a side note – Kenny also “fixed” the Buddha in the front yard while messing with another string of Christmas lights. Hey, you know how it is. One light goes out? They all go out. (And statuary get kicked across the yard.)

buddha took a size 12 to the face

Santa Clausii Are Coming to Town

This weekend my friends and I are set to head out on our Santa ride. That happens to be my favorite-est group ride of the year. That’s the one where we all dress up as Santa or elves and spread some cheer on the roadways.

It’s always so much fun to see everyone be excited to see the Santas on wheels.

santa and elf in the Ural

It’s been great having a few more people join in on the ride each year. The 1st year, it was just me – a lone wolf Santa. It’s nice to have friends who are willing to do silly stuff.

Pics from our 2012 Santa Ride

Stay tuned for Santa Ride prep and pics coming up this weekend!


Wishing You a Merry Christmas

Wishing You a Merry Christmas

*tap*tap* Is this thing on?

It is Christmas Eve. I must send out some Christmas love to each and every one of you.

You don’t celebrate Christmas? Well, that’s okay. My wish for you is the same: Peace and Love. When you have those two things in your life it seems that anything else is possible.

Merry Christmas from Fuzzygalore.com

Throughout the year you’ve been there on the other side of the pixels giving me confidence, sharing my happiness, and taking the time to share your own stories with me. You’ve laughed, you’ve inspired and listened. I thank you deeply.

If I don’t say this enough, I’m sorry –  I am so grateful that you take time out of your day to read this little blog. That makes me tremendously happy. Thank you.

With love and hugs across the miles – I wish you all peace and love and a Merry Christmas.

The Ural with its Christmas Wreath

Knobby Tire Christmas Wreath

Knobby Tire Christmas Wreath

This weekend marked the return of our Knobby Tire Christmas wreath. It was pulled down from the dusty reaches of the attic to shine on in the hallway of the Fuzzmop house. Deck the halls, moto-style.

knobby tire christmas wreathe

I “made” the wreath in 2011, after deciding the old knobby, which was slated for the garbage, had enough life, enough purpose to be something more. It was simply too good to throw away. And so, it lives on.

Yes, it’s silly. But, I love it 🙂

Fellow motomama, Andrea from Wrapter.com just posted her knobby wreath on Instagram.

Don’t you love it?

You know, those Wrapters make great stocking stuffers. Just sayin’…

Oooh – An Update!

Brad over at Troubadour on a Triumph hung his motorcycle tire solstice wreath up. Here it is when lit:

Brads Winter Solstice Wreath

Stop by his blog to see the unlit version!

Another update!

Brandy’s (Trobairitz’ Tablet) motorcycle tire wreath is tres chic! LOVE it! Stop by her blog to see it lit up at night 🙂

Brandys Tire wreath


If you’ve got some moto decorations up for the holidays, share them in the comments below!

A Very Merry Moto Christmas Wreath

A Very Merry Moto Christmas Wreath

This morning when I took the garbage out to the curb, I carried along with it one worn out knobbie tire from Kenny’s KTM. As I stood it next to the garbage can, it seemed to me that there was some life in the old girl yet. Maybe not for riding, but for something.

Luckily, I retrieved it before the garbage men came.

I wiped it off, made a bow and hung it up in a tree out front with a festive red tie down. Then I added a few battery powered lights and VOILA! A very Merry moto-Christmas wreath.

Motorcycle Tire Christmas Wreath

I’m sure our neighbors think we’re idiots – but that adds a little extra zest to the fun 🙂

Sending you a big hug across the miles. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and many blessings to you and yours.



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