Sporty Motorcycle Christmas Ornaments!

Sporty Motorcycle Christmas Ornaments!

It is relatively easy to find cruiser or Harley Davidson related Christmas tree ornaments. It is a little more difficult to find sporty-type bike ornaments. When I saw these two at Lowes of all places I snapped them right up.

I’ve decided that the red suited rider is me and the blue is Kenny. Even though in reality he’s a little more Laurel and a I’m a lot more Hardy.

Sportbike Motorcycle Christmas Ornament
Christmas Racer
Christmas Racer

6 Replies to “Sporty Motorcycle Christmas Ornaments!”

    1. @BikerTed
      If you are managing to stay out of the stores during the holiday season, you’re way ahead of the game! ;o)

      I thank you for the holiday wishes. To you and yours as well. Many miles and smiles in the new year~

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