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Welcome to… Area 66?

Welcome to… Area 66?

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona

Zipping along on I-40 East, I saw the white geodesic ball of Area 66 come into view. “What the…?” escaped my lips as it drew closer.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction Sign - Yucca, Arizona

There was nothing that would have stopped me from exiting the highway to get a look at this nonsense. Besides, my fingers were frozen in my leather gloves in the chilly January air. The temperature hovered in the low 40’s that morning. Warming them up was the perfect excuse for a stop.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona - Geodesic Ball

It was still early in the morning when I pulled in. The UFO museum inside was not yet open. But I did get to walk around and take in this curious sight.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona

As I walked around the lot, I wasn’t sure that even if the museum were open that I’d have payed to take a look. But, I love that such places still manage to pull in enough curious customers to exist.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona - UFO Museum Sign

Between you and me, UFO-stuff freaks me out. I think if I ever saw a flying saucer or an alien, I would just die immediately.

Area 66 Roadside Tourist Attraction - Yucca, Arizona - Ford Arizona Proving Ground Sign

One interesting point of note is the Ford Arizona Proving Ground sign at the entrance to Area 66. You can see on Google Maps satellite view that the proving grounds, which now belong to Chrysler, are still an active site. I wonder if Area 66 was once the entrance or if these folks just picked up the sign when Ford moved along? Or… maybe it was aliens.

Area 66
12716 Alamo Road
Yucca, AZ 86438

Walking Down Camera Roll Memory Lane

Walking Down Camera Roll Memory Lane

abandoned cafe in desert center California

For the past week, I’ve spent a fair amount of time scrolling, scrolling, and re-scrolling through the camera roll on my phone. Thousands of photos live there serving as memory touchstones.

Yesterday while I was going through the pictures, a smile swept across my face as I recalled happy moments from far-flung places, and I enjoyed my daughter’s face – mugging for the camera. But, following that memory-filled excursion, it struck me that for the most part, I haven’t ever given my experiences their full due and proper.

On to the next thing!

On to the next thing! That’s how I’ve lived my life for decades. You might even say I was something of a shark – always moving; a purpose-built apex predator. My only nemesis was drowning from lack of forward movement.

I went on like that for years – always moving, always consuming.

Until I cracked.

abandoned cafe in desert center california

Recovery and Discovery

For the last two years, I have been recovering from what we’ll call a ‘psychiatric event,’ only there were no balloons, no confetti. (0 stars, do not recommend.)

I am absolutely recovering but it’s been hard. And scary. I’m still struggling with getting to know the person that I am now. This version of me is a bit different than the person that I used to be. At least the me that I remember.

At times I miss how I was able to navigate through the world. Specifically, being able to compartmentalize everything and cram it down into tidy boxes and quickly close the lids. I’m not successful at doing that anymore. Now, my demons just pull up a chair, shake loose a ciggy from their pack o’ smokes, light up and say, ‘So! What are we thinkin’ about tonight?’

virgin mary mural in kingman arizona

There are so many photos on my phone that pull me back to a time in my life when I was in shark-mode. And while I find myself wishing that I knew how to tap into that way of (not) thinking again, the reality is that I make no real effort to do so.

Being closed off and ignoring my feelings was easier. But it also put me where I am now. There must be a middle ground. Perhaps that’s my next big trip.