Route 66: Welcome to Shamrock Texas Mural

When you think about Route 66 and Shamrock, Texas, the first thing that springs to mind is likely the gorgeous vintage Tower Conoco Station and the U Drop Inn Cafe. It is an incredible restored time capsule that deserves all of the adoration and praise it receives.

BUT… did you know that just a hop, skip and a jump across the intersection of 66 and N. Main St. there is a fab large-letter postcard style mural welcoming you to Shamrock? It’s a real looker! Thankfully I was lucky enough to get an unobstructed shot of it while in town.

1013 N Main St, Shamrock, TX 79079

While I was standing there looking at the mural, it wasn’t obvious to me but when I looked at the picture on my phone, the meme of Woman Yelling at a Cat decided to pull up and park in my frontal lobe. Now I cant unsee it.

The large letter postcard style mural has really taken root across America. Their design taps directly into that nostalgic feeling of being in a gift shop twirling the vertical rack of postcards during a family vacation as a kid. For me, there is a complicated and unique pang that walks the bittersweet razors edge between melancholy and sweetness. I’m both happy to be there seeing this thing, and yet somewhere deep within me, I miss… something. Perhaps an earlier version of myself.

If you’re interested in learning more about Large Letter murals and postcards, you might like these sites:


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  1. Bob B says:

    Interesting post. I never knew the Large Letter Postcard was growing in popularity, but I’ve been sorta aware of them for a while. Americana at its best

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