Riding into Sunflower Season

yamaha fz07 motorcycle with sunflowers in the background

Here on Long Island, the eastern end of the land is split into two forks – the north and south, with each offering it’s own flavor. I live on the north shore and tend to gravitate to the North Fork’s offerings.

The North Fork of Long Island is dotted with agriculture. As you travel out along Sound Avenue, you’ll find farms and farm stands, wineries, and orchards. Throughout the growing seasons, visitors make the trek out to sip wine in the sunshine, pick pumpkins and strawberries, or get fruit pies at Briermere Farms.

Of all of the crops that are grown out east, sunflowers are my favorite. Seeing their happy faces following the sun is so sweet to me. They offer a simple beauty and joyfulness. Seeing their cheerful yellow petals vibrating against the bright blue sky is just lovely.

sunflowers growing on long island


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