Mail Pouch Barn at Cantagree Farm – Stanfordville, New York

Any road trip that includes a pitstop at a Mail Pouch Barn is a good day.

mail pouch tobacco barn duchess county new york yamaha fz07 motorcycles

One of the “local” areas that I love riding my motorcycle is Duchess County, New York. Granted from where I live on Long Island, it takes a couple hours to get to get there but a good chunk of the gettin’ there is a big part of the fun.

Much of Duchess has my favorite type of riding – rambling roads that line horse and other farms, big green rolling hills, small towny towns and less traffic than some of the neighboring counties.

mail pouch tobacco barn duchess county new york

In addition to great riding, there are some roadside sights that I love in the county. Just up the road from Wing’s Castle is one of the southern portion of New York State’s few Mail Pouch Tobacco barns. You’ll find it on Duell Road in Stanfordville.

mail pouch tobacco wall ad beacon new york
Mail Pouch Tobacco Wall Mural – Beacon, Duchess County, New York

Though the western tier and the most northern portions of the state do have a good handful of Mail Pouch Tobacco barns, they are hard to come by in this neck of the woods. What we’ll find here downstate more often are city-based mural ads on brick buildings.

Mail Pouch Barn Relocated

A quick search around the web turned up a great blog post from Chuck the Writer with information about how this barn was actually relocated to the wonderfully named Cantagree Farm from Spring Green, Pennsylvania by former co-publisher of the Daily New and U.S News and World Report Fred Drasner. In 2003, the renovated farmhouse on the property was featured in Architectural Digest.

mail pouch tobacco barn duchess county new york - duell rd - c5 corvette

It makes me so happy when I am able to find information online about such sights. I hope that other curious bloggers continue to research and share their findings. Documenting the world around us is important. Keep exploring, keep sharing, and thank you!


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4 Responses

  1. Ted Kettler says:

    Have you seen the one in Otsego County just south of Richfield Springs on County Route 22?

  2. Blake says:

    If it was on the Maverick it might give me a nudge to get one.

    Saw the article on brown paint coming back. I’ll take a brown over another gray, but green is where it is at.

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