PHOTO: Sightseeing on my Yamaha FZ07 in DUMBO

Yamaha FZ07 with the Manhattan bridge in the Background

On Sunday morning I set off on the bike early for a little expedition around Brooklyn. You know, just a little sightseeing. While I am not much of a “city person” there are aspects of it that I find visually stimulating. The challenge for me is that I don’t like being around lots of people. For a place as bustling as New York City? That can be problematic.

Getting up and getting out while most of the world is still asleep on a Sunday morning gives you the perfect opportunity to linger in typically crowded spaces, unbothered.

Having a motorcycle to navigate a still-sleeping city can make quick work of things.

But, as great as a motorcycle is around NYC, there are moments when I’ve wished I was on a bicycle instead of a motorcycle. A bike has even more of a small go-everywhere-with-me footprint. As a result of living in Queens years ago and having my car stolen, I’m on the paranoid side of leaving my motorcycle unattended and out of my sight. I never stray far or long from where I’ve left it.

I am a cliche

On of the places I stopped on my early morning rideabout was probably one of the most instagrammed spots in Brooklyn – the corner of Water and Washington streets in DUMBO. Even at the early hour I was there, I had to shoot around other people taking photos of the Manhattan Bridge.

In that moment that I stood there taking everything in, I felt both wholly unoriginal and at the same time, a little in love with the view of the bridge framed by the brick buildings. It really was a lovely sight in the cool morning glow.

See it for yourself

If you want to take in the view for yourself:

Dumbo – Manhattan Bridge View
39-21 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Google Maps


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2 Responses

  1. TODD WILSON says:

    Hi Fuzzy,
    I follow Vernon Reid on IG. He’s the guitarist from the band Living Colour and during the pandemic he’s been doing these bicycle ride/photo shoots. He must live in Staten Island as there are some shots of the ferry. Anyway, worth checking out if you have the time. 30th anniversary of their album “Times Up” dropping last week. Sad that so many of the issues they wrote and sang about are still with us.


  2. Ted says:

    I first learned of DUMBO from a song back around 2011 by some female artist who I forget now. I have never actually been there. I’ve driven over the Manhattan Bridge, driven through Brooklyn and Queens, but never had any desire or need to go into the neighborhood. As a rule, I go into New York City once a year to remind myself why I don’t go into New York City. That includes its surround boroughs. Kudos to you for the tolerance.

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