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PHOTO: Sightseeing on my Yamaha FZ07 in DUMBO

PHOTO: Sightseeing on my Yamaha FZ07 in DUMBO

Yamaha FZ07 with the Manhattan bridge in the Background

On Sunday morning I set off on the bike early for a little expedition around Brooklyn. You know, just a little sightseeing. While I am not much of a “city person” there are aspects of it that I find visually stimulating. The challenge for me is that I don’t like being around lots of people. For a place as bustling as New York City? That can be problematic.

Getting up and getting out while most of the world is still asleep on a Sunday morning gives you the perfect opportunity to linger in typically crowded spaces, unbothered.

Having a motorcycle to navigate a still-sleeping city can make quick work of things.

But, as great as a motorcycle is around NYC, there are moments when I’ve wished I was on a bicycle instead of a motorcycle. A bike has even more of a small go-everywhere-with-me footprint. As a result of living in Queens years ago and having my car stolen, I’m on the paranoid side of leaving my motorcycle unattended and out of my sight. I never stray far or long from where I’ve left it.

I am a cliche

On of the places I stopped on my early morning rideabout was probably one of the most instagrammed spots in Brooklyn – the corner of Water and Washington streets in DUMBO. Even at the early hour I was there, I had to shoot around other people taking photos of the Manhattan Bridge.

In that moment that I stood there taking everything in, I felt both wholly unoriginal and at the same time, a little in love with the view of the bridge framed by the brick buildings. It really was a lovely sight in the cool morning glow.

See it for yourself

If you want to take in the view for yourself:

Dumbo – Manhattan Bridge View
39-21 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Google Maps

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