Say ‘Hello’ to My Little Fren’

Say ‘Hello’ to My Little Fren’

It’s about time that I introduce you to my little friend. I had absolutely zero intention of buying another motorcycle, but kismet happens. Am I right?

Anyway, this is my new to me wee one:

Fuzzygalore Yamaha FZ07

A 2016 Yamaha FZ-07.

During group rides, I definitely felt the limitations of the Bonneville as the taillights in front of me would dance away. And dragging its pegs would freak me out every. single. time. While I love the bike, there are just some jobs that aren’t in its wheelhouse. Hooning is one of them.

My motorcycle background started with sportbikes. Acting like an asshole speeding around and being a general menace was fun for me. But, I was in my young 20’s and didn’t have a lick o’ sense. It is but for the grace of whoever’s at the controls up there that I didn’t hurt myself or anyone else.

Over time as my priorities shifted I found pleasure in different aspects of the motorcycle life. Turning towards travel and exploring enriched me in ways I never could have imagined at 22. But even so, the desire for a deep lean and feeling the heat of the asphalt coming close would call to me. I missed that feeling of being able to run and let slip the dogs of war.

But as quickly as they’d come, those 20-something driveby fancies would shimmer away like an oasis on a hot road. That wasn’t me anymore. I’m something different now. Aren’t I? Now, I am the sum of more experience, more life, more understanding of… I don’t know. Things, I guess.

Fuzzygalore Yamaha FZ-07

At the tail end of a group ride this spring, my friend Brian and I swapped bikes. He took my Bonnie and I took his FZ. A mere 15 minutes in the saddle had awoken the sleeping giant.

Everything about Brian’s FZ spoke to me – it’s petite size, the great sound thumping out of that peppy parallel twin, responsive and light handling, predictable power – it was like a toy. We swapped back to our respective bikes and a fire was lit inside of me. There I was! It was me! The me that had been buckled down and smothered to sleep.

When we rolled back into Port Jefferson at the end of our ride, someone just happened to mention that a mutual friend of ours had a FZ-07 sitting in his garage. And without hesitation, I shot off a text inquiring about it. Two days later, I was riding my FZ home.

With only 2000 miles on the clock, the bike looked brand new. It came set up with Ohlins all around, an Akrapovic exhaust, sliders, fender eliminator, R6 throttle tube, rear seat cowl and the heartfelt well-wishes of a friend. It’s like the bike was just set up and waiting for me.

At first, I wasn’t so sure about the grey palette of the bike, that it wasn’t “me.” But I think those snappy yellow rims do a good job of offsetting the darkness. I’ve grown to love it.

I’ve had the bike for about two months now and every time I ride it, it makes me feel like a kid. That’s priceless.

15 Replies to “Say ‘Hello’ to My Little Fren’”

  1. I’ve not found many people who have a bad word to say about the FZ-07 – it’s apparently both novice friendly and also a complete hooligan tool for the experienced rider, so it grows with you if you are just starting out, but its priced like a starter bike, and despite being built down to a price, everything on it is good enough… I’ve heard it described as the RD250 for the time…

    The new water cooled Bonnies & related twins are actually much more competent bikes than the old one…

  2. Congrats on your acquisition. Sometimes less is more. I just traded in my ’12 Yamaha Super Tenere for a ’19 Kawasaki Versys X-300. Do I miss the 100hp? Sometimes. Do I miss not being able to touch both feet on the ground, or the almost 600lbs? Nope. My Versys will happily shift at 10K all day long, and it loves being tossed into corners. The upright seating position is kinder to my aging back, and the 66+mpg is almost as good as my Honda 250 Elite scooter. Enjoy your new(to you) bike in good health. Bob

  3. Yay! A new bike can excite us in important ways. When I got my FZ-1, it inspired me to ride better and faster. It was the first bike I brought to a racetrack. So happy to hear you enjoy this beauty. Have fun!

  4. Bet it does sound nice with that can. Big fan of the MT series but only ridden the MT-09 (loved the triple). I’d make room for an MT-01, MT-09 or MT-10 (probably in that order) if I could…Can’t have too many yammies…

  5. I see the tail lights of just about everything “dancing away”. I guess you get used to it with a Ural. On one trip from Alaska to Oregon, the only vehicles I passed were two Model A’s.


    That is a great looking bike! Super glad to hear the pilot light has been re-lit. 😉

  7. It won’t be long before you’ll lose the Fuzzy moniker and find that everyone is calling you Dohnut! How long did you have to wait for that?

    And amazingly handsome machine. Those wheels are incredible. Sure is a stylish ride.

  8. Not at all in the same league, but when I get my old KZ440 out and zipping about it reminds me of older times, smaller bikes, and a lot more fun. Makes the Harley feel like a slug in comparison. But a comfortable slug. 🙂

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