I Spy: Orange Tesla Roadster Sport in New York City

After spending the morning checking out the Bike Show at the Javits Center in New York City, we hit the bricks. We walked downtown to enjoy the beautiful day. As we sauntered along we started to catch a glimpse of something low and very orange through the throng of people around Prince St. and Broadway.  As we got closer, the Tesla Roadster Sport made itself plain to us. It was a beautiful, silent spectacle. Dare I say it was… electrifying? No. You’re right. I’d better not.

Tesla Roadster Sport New York City

Tesla Roadster Sport New York City

For More Information: Tesla Motors


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6 Responses

  1. FuzzyGalore says:

    I Spy: Orange Tesla Roadster Sport in New York City http://goo.gl/fb/zLxs

  2. soth says:

    You really need to let me know the next time you guys are in the city… a good friend of mine works for Tesla. You could’ve gone on a tour and taken a spin!

  3. Swag says:

    That is gorgeous!

  4. GLantern says:

    The lotus styling is very clear, nice looking car.

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