Pay Attention, You Idiot!

Pay Attention, You Idiot!

I nearly got myself killed this morning and I’m sure, ruined some lady’s day in the process.

While riding down a 4-lane road, I approached an intersection without slowing down at all. The lady to my right started moving to cross my path. What the hell? She was still moving as I’m entering the intersection. I’m on the horn, I don’t slow down, I stay on the gas and angle slightly the left. OMG, this is it, I’m going to be crushed by this SUV!

…and in that split second I realized that while lost in thought, I was running a red light. Not like – it turned red while I was almost through intersection, RED-red. So red the lady to my right was nearly halfway across the road.

This situation was 100% my fault.

And I swear to you, it was so close I actually thought she hit me but somehow I just didn’t feel it. I felt the heat of her engine on my leg. I mean… how did I not get crushed? Divine intervention? I guess my number wasn’t up today.

Whoever was looking out for me today, thank you.

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  1. Slowwwwwwww itttttttt doowwwwwnnnnnnnn.
    When I know there’s too much on my mind I remind myself, now is when I’m vulnerable, now is when I’m prone to mistakes, and I force myself to slow it down. I still suck at this. I screwed myself over pretty good two days ago, but hey, I never said I was perfect either 🙂

  2. Someone was looking out for you for sure. You’re one of the good people, a bringer of light. You make people see. We need your positive energy. Don’t zone that far out again. Stay safe. ❤️

  3. Holy Crap!! Every rider who puts on miles, if they’re being honest, has moments of spine-chilling awakening. We don’t typically talk about them, but they vividly come back to mind for thousands of miles as a reminder that we can be just as careless as the cagers. Let’s call them beneficial scares. So glad you weren’t a second later.

  4. This happens to all of us. Our brains get distracted and stop assessing what’s in front of us while they ponder thoughts elsewhere. Glad you escaped unharmed. On a positive note, I’m really happy to see you post two days in a row!

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