Great Sign: Welcome to Pennsylvania

Over the course of a lifetime, we pass lots of welcome signs. They’re on stores and parks, at state and country borders. I like stopping to document the border crossings with photos.

As my friend Jamie mentioned recently, in addition to the welcome sign, some states will also follow up with some “no” signs – no littering, no radar detectors, no transporting cantankerous llamas across state lines. In other words, no fun. Those follow-up signs can be unwelcoming.

While entering the state of Pennsylvania from Maryland, I saw this great welcome sign message: Pursue your happiness.

Pennsylvania is doin’ it right!



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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    There used to be a sign when crissing into PA from NJ on the PA Turnpike listing the speeding fines. I always wondered if people thought about how fast they could afford to go …

  2. Great sign. I’ve been pursuing happiness in Pennsylvania for a long time. Most of the negative “no” signs I see are not from government, but rather on private property and vehicle bumpers…

  3. Mike says:

    The best Florida can do is Welcome to Florida the Sunshine State. Of course this time of year I’m usually following a license plate in traffic from somewhere other than Florida. Guess they were happy to cross the state line and grab some O.J. at the Welcome Center.

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