The Post Office Files: Small, Cute, and Interesting Pit Stops

While traveling throughout the US, stopping and snapping post office photos has become something of a habit. The photos become place markers for passing through a town with an interesting or funny name. The buildings themselves can give clues about what a place is like to the traveler. Is the post office tiny? Does it share space with a general store? Is it in an unusual building?

As we become more entrenched in digital transactions throughout our existence, if it still exists in a town the local post office can feel almost quaint or nostalgic. Even so, they are still an important thread that runs through the fabric of American communities.

Post Office Photos


How could I not stop for a snap of the post office of one of the towns mentioned in the classic (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66?

2020: Kingman, Arizona – 86401

Following Route 66 west from Kingman, the road will drop you into the wold west town of Oatman, Azizona. While there were no fabulous wild burros at the post office, there were plenty roaming through town!

2020: Oatman, Arizona – 86433


Though the blazing neon Roy’s sign typically gets all the glory when the town of Amboy, California is featured in media, just across the street is their lovely little PO.

2016: Amboy, California – 92304
2016: Ocotillo, California – 92259
2020: Pioneertown, California – 92268

While the site doesn’t note where the claim comes from, it is apparently said that “As it sits on a movie set; the Pioneertown Post Office is said to be the most photographed PO in the USA.”

Pinoneertown is an interesting stop for a roadside appreciator. While I was there, they were filming a commercial for Coach Dreams perfume.

2011: Seiad Valley California – 96086

Seiad Valley was one of several places in California that attempted to secede from the state at different points in history. In the early 1940s, a group of Siskiyou County residents formed the State of Jefferson movement, which sought to create a new state out of parts of northern California and southern Oregon. Seiad Valley was one of the communities that supported the movement but ultimately did not succeed in its goal of creating a new state.

Topaz, California – 96133

The first time we passed the tiny Topaz, California it knocked my socks off because of its miniature size.


Salt Lick, Kentucky – 40371


FArmington Falls, Maine – 04940
Rockport, Maine – 04856

This little log cabin-like office was just too cute to not stop for.


Cummington, Massachusetts – 01026

New Jersey

Sergeantsville, New Jersey – 08557 (Former)

Apparently the little blue office in Sergeantsville, New Jersey was permanently closed. This photo was snapped some time in 2013, I believe.

New York

Colliersville, New York – 13747
Ellington, New York – 14732
Laurel, New York – 11948
Setauket, New York – 11733
Stony Brook, New York – 11790

The eagle on the Stony Brook post office flaps its wings on the hour!

Straatsburg, New York – 12580


2017: East Smethport, PA 16730
2016: Lake Como, Pennsylvania – 18437
Madisonburg, Pennsylvania – 16852
Mifflinville, Pennsylvania – 18631
Morris, Pennsylvania – 16938

This office in Morris, Pa is one of my absolute favorites. There is just something so perfect about its midcentury modern vibes. *chef’s kiss*


2017: Former Post Office – Burkes Garden, Virginia

This building in Burkes Garden is a former post office. You can see a few more photos from peering in the windows on the old Burkes Garden, Virginia post office.

2017: Rockfish, VA 22966 (former)

Another decomissioned gem – read more about Rockfish.

2017: Vesuvius, VA 24483

You can find this office on Virginia 56, which is a nice twisty ride down off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

West Virginia

2015: Abraham, West Virginia – 25918 (former)

This photo alone doesn’t look like much but getting to the old Abraham office in the middle of the foggy night was a trip. I found myself here while doing the Void Rally. Read more about the old Abraham Post Office.

2017: Cucumber, WV 24826

This PO stop was solely for the name – I love it!

2017: Fanrock, WV 24834
2017: Helvetia, WV 26224
2017: Josephine, WV 25857
Lost City, West Virginia – 26810
2017: North Matewan, WV 25688
2017: Onego, WV 26886
2017: Odd, West Virginia – 25902
2017: Panther, West Virginia – 24872
2017: Rhodell, WV 25915
2017: War, West Virginia 24892


Aladdin, Wyoming – 82710

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  1. Kathy says:

    Those are some good ones!

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    Cool. The USPS holds a spot in my heart.

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    Cool, how did you come across Vesuvious?

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    Brilliant idea!

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    Guessing you have a USPS connection? I’m a retired carrier, over 41 years. I understand the interest.

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    Love the small town post offices, there is just something about them that draws me in, I love old buildings too, I have a thing for taking pictures of doors and windows LOL. Awesome pics, as always 🙂

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