Two Barn Murals Around Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Two Barn Murals Around Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

When I woke up in Wilkes-Barre, my plan for the day was to swing by Williamsport to see if I could find the repaired Whispering Giant, Woapalanne. Then I would turn my wheels south to make my way to Fredericksburg, Virginia for the night, where I was volunteering to staff the 2017 Void Rally.

Though my ride south had something of a focus I did manage to stop and do some sightseeing along the way. Thanks to the triumphant return of Wendyvee to the helm of Roadside Wonders, I’d pinned a lovely fading rooster mural by Wayne Fettro to my map.

It must’ve been quite a looker when the paint was fresh. Even in its aging state, it was lovely to me.

Bridge Valley Rd, Columbia, PA – Google Maps

There are a few interesting murals around the Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania area. Miraculously, I restrained myself from gobbling up everything and instead kept heading south…. but, I did see one more since it was on the way.

This mural looked freshly painted. It replaced a Fettro “Harvest Time in the 1920s” mural. While lovely in its own right, a quick turn around the internet says not everyone was happy to see the former Fettro mural go away.

Time marches on. Keep taking pictures and writing down memories, friends.

680 Cloverleaf Rd – Elizabethtown, PA – Google Maps

5 Replies to “Two Barn Murals Around Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania”

    1. That’s probably because it is a commercial of sorts. The mural was sponsored by White Family Dental, and when you foot the bill, you get to call the shots. For me, still pleasant to view.

      1. True, Bob, money talks. Even the earlier mural was sponsored, by an insurance company, but to me, that seems less apparent. Sure, I think the new mural is appealing in its own right, but for rural charm, it’s very finished–finish that should be a credit to the artist unless it’s evidence that the new treatment isn’t a painting, but is a print…

        Being in the environmental graphics industry, I admit, such prints serve purposes, and they’re at least assembled by graphic artists and are relatively cost-effective, but when compared with organic art (if you will), I think they possess little charm and no heart. It seems to me that the more that human hearts, minds, and hands are removed from art, the less that art is, well, art. Over time–for the adhesive vinyl that they often are–printed murals just become brittle, but painted murals seem to age like the people that bring them forth. Of course, all this is just one fella’s opinion…

        Ahhh, art–ever the conversation starter. 😉

        1. Ry, thanks for sharing your insight. I saved the image, then enlarged it on my big LCD display. Indeed, there are seams visible where the print was hung like oversized wallpaper. It still better than a blank wall, and pays homage to the regions history.

          I aint no art expert, but I knows what I like.

  1. I liked the older mural better than the new fancy one. But that’s just the opinion of someone not having to maintain the site. We’ll be in E-Town again in a couple of weeks…

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