Drafts and Funk – Keeping My Eyes on the Light

Drafts and Funk – Keeping My Eyes on the Light

At this very moment, there are 187 drafts in my post folder. Some of them are fully fleshed out posts, some are just a sentence, maybe a photo and some are cryptic ramblings that went off the rails that have no business being posted. A blog is a snapshot of the mind, for better or worse, it seems.

The “rules” that I have for posts are funny. There is an internal time limit that I have set up for myself. If a picture or a post is too old, it is no longer relevant. Which is kind of absurd. What difference does it make when I rode somewhere or when I thought about something? It doesn’t. Somehow I’ve got to turn myself around on that subject. Things unsaid can be poisonous. So, I’m going to try to get some of those out.

I’ve been feelin’ the post-road trip funk. I was hoping it wouldn’t reach for me with it’s nasty claws this time. But it seems to happen after experiencing a huge emotional surge or living life at an accelerated pace and feeling wild and free. My hope is that I don’t fall down the rabbit hole of depression. That sucks and just thinking about it scares me. There are signs… but I’ll be clicking my heels and saying “I am a badass motorcycle chick, I am a badass motorcycle chick…”

Gotta stay focused on the greatness of each day. As always, thanks for listening.


7 Replies to “Drafts and Funk – Keeping My Eyes on the Light”

  1. Drafts! You mean you don’t just sit down at the keyboard and knock these award winning posts?

    I don’t plan much and have only one draft with no pictures. So no awards for me….

    1. Very funny, Richard 😀
      Sometimes I do just sit down and write ’em out, like this post. Depends. I don’t usually “plan” something. I just scribble and don’t publish or just have a thread i dont want to lose.

      You should win an award for being concise! 😀

  2. LOL, I have a draft of the first leg of my two week trip that has been sitting in a folder since August. I guess I should finish it and start on the rest …

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