Simple Pleasures – Waving Grass in the Wind

Simple Pleasures – Waving Grass in the Wind

On Sunday morning, as usual I was up hours before the rest of the house began to stir. When I walked out on to the back deck the air was surprisingly chilly for a mid-May morning. The trees that surround our backyard all seemed to shiver, shaking their leaves – a constant breeze was blowing. It was a beautiful morning for a ride.

On some mornings the sky looks so bright, so clear. As you stare upward it is almost as if you aren’t looking at anything at all. Your eyes cannot find anything to focus on in the abyss. The depth is so infinite that you are looking at forever – everything and nothing all at once.

I pulled off on a little-used road and watched tall grass flagging in the wind. Something about it made me feel like a child. Standing there watching the patterns of light and shadow rolling across the sea of green enraptured me. It was so simple yet so wondrous.

Just grass and wind. And again, it was everything and nothing all at once.

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