Assorted Sunday Ride Photos – Massachusetts DualSporting

Assorted Sunday Ride Photos – Massachusetts DualSporting

With no narrative thread I present for your perusal – assorted Sunday ride photos from last week. We were monkeying around in the woods of western Massachusetts for two days.

Unfortunately, I didn’t charge my GoPro and didn’t put my camera in my tankbag on Saturday so, well… you know. Not to mention, when I did finally charge the GoPro and stuck it on my helmet on Sunday I could neither see if the light was blinking in my mirror, nor hear any of its telltale beeping with my earplugs in. The result? Lot’s of pictures of my gloves futzing around turning the thing on and off.

“Can we stop at the drive-thru?”

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    1. Thanks, David 🙂 I bought myself a few extra batteries and a multi-dock charger so hopefully that’ll help increase my odds of having some juice all the time 😀

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