Will Ride for Bacon, Apparently

Will Ride for Bacon, Apparently

Life is so mysterious. You can be going along, minding your own business and never see any type of vehicle styled like a pig and then WHAMMO! You’re at the pig-car nexus of the universe. I don’t know how or why, but it’s science. I think.

While I was on my way to Newport, Pennsylvania a few weekends ago, I saw another pig bus. At first, I rode right by it with a chuckle and a head shake.

But about 300 yards down the road I came to my senses and went back to snap a picture. I mean, pig buses don’t happen every day.

Or… do they once you fall into the porcine wormhole?

This was the first pig-bus I saw. It was on Route 60 in West Virginia in the fall of 2015. I basically tripped over it while looking for a pink giraffe with green spots.

Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds but, well, you know.

I never asked to see a pig vehicle. Never once looked one up on the web. It’s like they found me. After seeing that pig bus on Route 60, I saw this pig Beetle the very next day in Metropolis, Illinois.

At the rate I’m going, tomorrow morning when I walk out to my car in the driveway there will probably be some hog-shaped car parked across the street revving its engine, taunting me. Vroooooom… Vroooooommmm… and then when I glance over to get a good look at who is behind the wheel?! They’ll put the pedal to the medal and squeal out. (Oh, yes. I said it.)

I believe my work here is done.

9 Replies to “Will Ride for Bacon, Apparently”

  1. Here I was thinking “who wouldn’t ride to bacon?” and “damn! a girl who will ride to bacon?!?!” and it’s pig-cars and pig buses??

    Not that those finds aren’t totally fascinating and extremely blog-worthy, because I would have been here for that too.

    But luring gullible readers with bacon as bait? It’s just not fair!

    Now here it is, quarter to midnight, how am I going to get to sleep with bacon on my mind?

    It could be worse, but I don’t see how.


  2. Like the Gecco pig would said, “Wheeeeere!”

    My most random, totally awesome find will always be the Hit Wheels looking dune buggy that shat flowers on the road. A pig bus or two or a car would totally delight me.

    1. It’s funny, but some people don’t seem to pick up on these random things floating around out there. We must have our antennas tuned to the same station 🙂

  3. Fuzzy I love your universe! Bacon mobiles, weiner wagons, giant muffler men, hiney if its out there you and ToadMama will find it.

          1. Are you too young to remember the wildly popular slogan, GRAB A HEINEY?

            Dar is going to feel like we are picking on her. All in good fun, though. Right, Hiney?

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