Pig Rock – A Motorcycle Deliverance Moment

Pig Rock – A Motorcycle Deliverance Moment

On many occasions, friends have made comments like “you find the weirdest stuff” based on photos that I’ll post from my travels. Often, I leave the house with some idea of what I’ll see along my intended route. For whatever reason, things that I read about on websites like Roadside America stay firmly lodged in my brain. I only wish I could call on this superpower for something useful, like making money. Instead, I’m left to use it for my own demented pleasure.

Yet, there are plenty of times when bumbling around that I will come across a serendipitous surprise. For example, pig rock:

royal enfield pig rock granville massachussetts

I haven’t the slightest idea why there is a pig rock in the middle of nowhere. But as I puttered past, I couldn’t resist pulling a quick u-y to get a look.

Why? Why are you there pig rock?

While I stood in the middle of the road snapping the photo in the evening light, it suddenly dawned on me that it could be a trap. Maybe pig rock serves to draw hapless travelers in for a closer look and some creepy yeti with a penchant for buggery leaps out and carries them off in a burlap sack.

I mean, that is the only logical explanation, right?

pig rock granville massachussetts

Thankfully I passed through while yeti was on his lunch break.

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  1. Ooo, this is trippy, Fuzz… On my way home from Colorado’s San Juan Mountains in July, I photographed my GS in front of a sandstone canyon wall with a donkey painted on it. The artistic styles are so eerily similar that I’m now wondering if Pig Rock is related to Ass Wall.

          1. As it’ll be a while before it appears at Two Wheels To There, I would be thrilled to send you a sneak peek of my ass wall (keep your eyes peeled for Ass Wall in your inbox). In HINDsight, Ass Wall would have been a perfect candidate—a prime piece, if you will—for Instagramming (a dimension that I plan to add to my blog when I get that iPhone replacement for my dead ‘Pod).

            But(t) Ass Wall doesn’t belong to me, or to me alone: Indeed, Ass Wall is the property of all travelers of western Colorado’s lonely highway 141—all travelers exposed to those sore-rear results of hours on end spent in the saddle or the driver’s seat, all travelers who long for nothing butt a chance to stretch their legs, rest their road-weary eyes, and gaze upon a fine piece of ass wall…

        1. Yeah, Toadmama, what made it especially funny to me was the quickness with which Rachael replied–not even a minute passed before she came through with that incredible gem. I was at my desk at work, and I just lost it, busted up like no other. In fact, over the weekend I went out moto-camping in the desert to, as promised, stick my head in the sand, and off and on I kept chuckling at “Yeah well, he doesn’t know his pig rock from his ass wall”. That one’s gonna be sticking to my ribs for a while.

          You know, Ass Wall might be a squatty horse or a poorly drawn donkey or a mule, but after this, it will always be Ass Wall to me. I’m flattered that you, too, would like to see my ass wall and am thrilled to forward it to you: My ass wall is on its way to your inbox.

  2. I love the pic of pig rock!

    There’s a turtle rock along the road that ties into the south end of Grassy Lick Road (where we saw the mobile pig).

    I know I’ve said before that we are eerily similar. I often think of weird stuff, too. Although the painted-rock-roadside-trap never crossed my mind. Thanks for instilling that nugget of paranoia.

    “Ass wall” for example, conjured images of a bunch of folks sitting bare-assed on a giant stamp pad and leaving their own special mark on the wall.

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