Sena Bluetooth Headset: Deep Thoughts and Notes with Siri

Sena Bluetooth Headset: Deep Thoughts and Notes with Siri

When I’m riding my motorcycle, sometimes I use Siri through my Sena headset to take notes. I’ll take notes about things I’ve seen that I might want to research later, epiphanies I’m having or just something random that I want to remember. Like a giant tooth.

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I find note taking especially useful when riding long distances. After many hours in the saddle, places and names start to blur together. So I’ll just be cruising along, will press the Sena rear button and when Siri *bongs*, I’ll ask her to take a note.



Siri actually understanding what I’m saying in my helmet at speed is a crapshoot. Sometimes the results of what she thinks I said and what I actually said… are two very different things. Even so, note taking with Siri is a win-win. If she gets it right you can follow-up on your thought. If she gets it wrong? Well, clearly it’s still a win.

How do you keep track of your “deep thoughts” while riding?

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  1. Hey Fuzzy,

    Seems like forever since I’ve commented on your blog……I usually carry a notebook with me and If I’m on a long trip I’ll stop every now and then to write stuff down,….I bought a Scala Rider Solo which unfortunately only works for phone calls… doesn’t support bluetooth music playing either….will have to look into the sena, which supports the gopro I believe

    Have an awesome week….here in the future we are closing in on Thursday… 😉

  2. This is such a great idea! In the past when I’ve used Siri she’s massacred what I’ve dictated. She also talks back to me when I get frustrated and may be a little rude to her. Apparently Siri doesn’t appreciate derogatory remarks. But it makes sense to try and capture your thoughts when riding. So many times I’ve passed something that stirred emotions in me but then forget the specifics. I’m going to give Siri another chance. If anything I’ll get a good laugh at what she comes up with. 🙂

  3. How do you invoke Siri? When I press the jog wheel, it tries to connect the intercom. Pressing the phone button will invoke Siri once and only once per power cycle. And what command to take notes? Inquiring minds want to know…

    1. Oh, yes – that’s right. Pressing the rear button invokes the phone – not the jog wheel. Duh. I’ll update my text.

      I can press the rear button on the SMH10 all day long to get Siri. I use it for shuffling songs, artists and playlists, listening to messages, taking notes, etc. What model Sena do you have?

      When Siri bongs – “Take a note” will allow you to dictate.

      1. I also have the SMH10. I think the problem is that cell service is so spotty that the iPhone to Sena communication gets messed up when Siri can’t get to the Internet.

        1. Interesting. When I don’t have service, Siri says “connect to the Internet” but it always hails her from the headset. Siri just can’t complete your request.

  4. Hmm, good question. Object that I see I will post on FB and sometimes I will make a note about why I thought it was unusual. While ridinh I guess I trust my memory which is touch and go.

  5. I’m definitely in the Anthony and VStarLady camp on this one: As I ride, my brain will take notes or revise something I’ve been working on, and if I’m lucky, the thoughts will still be with me at my next fuel / snack / take-in-the-scenery spot. If I sense that the thoughts are slipping away between stops, I’ll often pull over to jot them down with a gloved hand on a vibrating motorcycle for later “What the fuck does this say?!” translation.

    1. I have the most brilliant and clear thinking as I’m riding. But with so much information coming in visually my retention has proved to not be so great. Waiting until I stop to write things down has failed me often.

  6. Hey, Fuzz, a few weeks back I sent my iPod classic (my riding companion) a-tumble down a long flight of stairs. It seemed okay at first, but has since proven that it sustained a bit of brain damage in that fall. It looks like I’ll be forced into one of them there iPhones if I want higher capacity for music files and such (I suppose it’s about damn time).

    Anyway, I’m keen on this whole bluetooth headset type of thing… Have you experienced any bluetooth connectivity issues with your iPhone? (I’ve heard stories.) Do you have any advice for the noo-b shopper for such a bluetooth headset? I would sincerely appreciate any insight you wish to share.

    Of course, I welcome insight from anyone who might read this.

    1. ::cue the locusts::: The end is nigh! 😀

      I have never had any bluetooth issues with the Sena SMH10 and any of the iPhones (4/5/6) I’ve used with it. It is a straightforward, simple pairing process. In the couple of years I’ve been using them together, I’ve never lost paired connection between them.

      I’m afraid I don’t know anything about any of the newer Sena models or other brands like Scala. I’ve been happy with the ole SMH10 and haven’t had need to investigate further.

      Basically, with the Sena if you have internet connection you can get Siri to do lots of stuff for you: IF you have no connection, you’re out of luck on that front.

      I also pair my gps (Zumo 660) with the Sena so I can get audio turn by turn. I find that to be pretty helpful especially in citified areas. Maybe not so much for people who move around in places where the next turn is 150 miles away 😉

      This video might help:

      1. Thank you for this, Fuzzy. I really appreciate it. Such firsthand insight (and with links!) is always invaluable.

        If one misses his turn on that 150 mile stretch, the only other road between here and there, then—by damn—he deserves to get lost (insensitive?). Besides, when navigating dirt roads in the deserts of Utah and Nevada, paper maps simply are the only way, as cell service regularly is non-existent.

        Frankly, I’m glad that there still are places into which modern tech services haven’t gotten their connective fingers.

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